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    I like to carry spare bulbs just in case but I'm struggling to identify the dipped beam bulbs for my Accord.

    I used to use a site called Autobulbsdirect on previous cars but using them to get a list of bulbs for my car has proved unreliable.

    When I enter the details of my car they suggest I need H1 bulbs for dipped/main beam, I have already established that the main beam bulbs are in fact HB3's not H1's but I have no idea what the dipped ones will be.

    My car is a first model 8th Generation 2008, it has the projector lenses for the dipped beam but they are not the HID lights.

    I'd like to replace the main and dipped beam bulbs with Osram nightbreakers or similar and keep the current bulbs for spares but I don't want to go an order bulbs on the back of info a web site gives me only to find I have the wrong ones.

    Just wondering if anyone has done a similar exercise on here who could tell me what my bulbs are (just the dipped beams that sit in those projector lens')

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    Hi Graham

    Item 4 is your Main beam and that is a HB3 (12V 60W) made by Stanley Japan Item 14 is your Low beam and that is a H1 (12V 55W) made by Stanley again.

    8th gen Accord 2009 dual headlights.JPG
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    Thank you for this information, very much appreciated.

    My H1 Osram Nightbreakers I kept from my previous car will be find then for the dipped beam and I can now order with confidence a set of the HB3 nightbreakers for my main beam and have much brighter night vision.

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    I'm sorry top be a real pain but I looked at the maintenance section of my handbook yesterday after you helped me to identify the bulbs I needed.
    I wanted to see how to change out the H1 bulbs but in my handbook it refers to removing a panel and air duct in the wheel arch to get the bulb out but then specifies this is the procedure for Diesel models but (unless I am being stupid) I couldn't see any specific reference to the removal/replacement of the bulb on petrol models.

    I have looked at the back of the headlamps on my car and although it looks like a fiddly procedure I am sure it is possible to get to the back of the headlamp from within the engine bay.

    Could you possibly confirm this please if you know. The diagram you sent me above would seem to back up my theory that you access the bulbs at the back of the headlamp not through the wheel arch.

    Would appreciate it if you could tell me as I plan to have a go at swapping them over at the weekend.

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    Not sure uprated bulbs are necessary, I drove mine at night for the first time and was amazed how good the dipped beam was, main beam was amazing. I have come from a German car though.....lol
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    I had an HID kit on my previous car so going back to standard halogen bulbs is always going to appear less bright.
    I also live in a rural area that has some very dark poorly or unlit roads so a good set of candles in the lamps is essential for me, especially at this time of year with the dark mornings/nights.

    Luckily I already had a set of Osram H1 night breakers which were in my old car that I removed before I sold it on so I can put those into my dipped beam lamps on the Accord once I have an idea how to change them out that is.
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    Graham I will look up the details for you later on , but I would thought you would have been able to get to the high beam by removing the inner fender liner (Not Completely) by remove a few of the push clips.
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    Hey mate,

    Thanks, bit don't worry. I went home at lunch time and had a look under the bonnet. I can access the rear of the high beam from the back of the headlamp assembly. I managed to remove the rear cover, it was tight but twisted off, I couldn't then see into the back of the lamp though, I reckon it'll be a case of "feel my way" but the diagram you sent me is going to help as I'll know what to grab and remove.

    I did also check to see if I could access it from underneath via the wheel arch and I don't think I can, it looks to me like the inner wing/wheel arch beneath the headlamp is all metal, no obvious access hole were visible.
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    What bulbs go into the fog lamps?
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    Says in the handbook.