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    Ok so one just for a bit of fun really I guess and curiosity, but what's your favorite colour accord? and did you get the colour you wanted? Suppose I'm just curious as there are colours I'd prefer but think I'd go for a different colour as long as I didn't hate it if the car was a lot cheaper and a similar condition etc
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    Sorry, yeah kind of but was more curious to if people got the colour they wanted or just went for what was available or cheaper rather than what actual colour they ended up with lol, good thread though thanks :Smile:
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    I'm not a Chelsea fan but BLUE IS THE COLOUR....
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    The only car I have ever chosen on colour was my old pug 405 srdt in gunmetal grey I had to travel 400 miles to view and test, never been able to afford a new car so choose a car based on what is available in my budget at the time I am looking. I choose the model and shop around to see whats available and its condition. colour is not important in my choice of car, having said that I love the blue Accords that I have seen on here but doubt I would have found one in the same mint condition and low mileage that my silver one was available in when I needed to buy a car.
    @MickyB ha ha Chelski there are quality football teams that play in blue, I am Gillingham through and through....
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    My favorite Accord color would be either red or white...probably 2 simple yet I think rarest colors at least in UK.

    I was actually considering wrapping the car into like glossy white color which is roughly like 1 grand, but then I keep coming out of the shop or something and seeing my Accord especially from distances makes it unique...even against all other cars and car colors.