Pre-Purchase What do you think of these Honda SMX?

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    Thinking of buying:

    Has anyone on here got one?

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    Ian, it's customary to Introduce Yourself when you first start. Members who reply/give advice usually like to know a little about the person they are replying to.
    The S-MX is fairly rare, but we do have a member that owned one.

    Honda S-MX 4WD
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    Ireland Zack Kilkenny
    From my understanding (haven't owned one) they share many parts with the RF1-2 Stepwgn and the 1st CR-V, so in the UK some parts are difficult to come by shocks/springs being quite high on the list there are aftermarket/used ones in Japan, but getting them can be a pain given the regulations on compressed gas shipping, and weight. Fixing that rear spring will cost you. You'll need to find a proxy buyer that will find the proper courier.

    Otherwise CR-V parts engine b20b/brakes/transmission and some other bits and pieces are easy to come by. They are getting a bit on the older side now so the usual checks for rust, bushings, and exhaust deterioration should be on the list of possible problems. Otherwise many of the folks in the s-mx/stepwgn forums are really happy with them.