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    Hi there,

    Feel free to read the rest of this post for background, but the help I'm really looking is what other members cars sound like. I have a '05 Accord Tourer I-CTDI that has recently had the cam and oil chains changed at HH. However it still sounds 'chainy' to me and they are telling me that it's perfectly normal. I've found another member who has listed a video of his '04 car before it had it's chains done, and it sounds just like mine now!! Unfortunately this member has since sold the car so I can't get a video of his afterwards but he says it was defiantly better. If you have a CTDI and means to record and post you car engine noise I would love to hear from you. (no pun intended!) I'm in derby, if your local I could even come round to hear your car in person? To make it a fair comparison it would ideally be in an accord but I would have thought it could be compared to other models with this engine. I think it would need to be an 04/05 year though, as I believe after this there was design change to the chain system and this could effect the noise they make?

    I have posted a video of my car on you tube. Here is a link.

    Unfortunately I have not got a video of my car before the change, all I have now is the video from the other member before he had the chains changed. Here is a link to his video on you tube:

    What do people think? I'm sure mine sounds worryingly like his used to? Should I except what HH are saying, that this is normal?



    Here's my background with the car and HH:-

    I bought it privately last July (2012) with on 109K. It had a slight noise from the front end which from the service history I thought was a suspect idler pulley. When I got it home how wrong I was.
    I had the aux belt off and running the engine briefly, the noise was still there. Internet research lead me to this forum, and the pages about the cam chain. If only I'd found that before I bought the car! I was just outside the extended warranty and, whilst it had full history, only the 1st 3 years were honda dealers, and so Honda UK weren't interested.
    From advice on here I contacted HH, and bit the bullet, booking it in to have the chains sorted. I was advised that often they don't need to change all the parts, but they would let me know the situation when they knew. I had also found on this forum about the change in the aux belt, so asked them to do this too.
    When they did contact me, it was to advice the exhaust manifold was cracked, so it would fail the next MOT and also required replacement. I had already read about this problem on this forum, and so was not too surprised. They said with these 2 jobs it would be an engine out job. I agreed with them then to do this, but on the condition that when they change the chains, replace both tensioners and all the guides. If I was going to this expense, I thought lets do it right.
    Well, I got the car back I had asked for the parts removed to be put in the boot. When I had a look at these, and compared them to the diagrams I found some missing. When I contacted HH, I found out they had not actually replaced all the bits, stating the parts re-used were in good condition and did not need replacing. They had replaced both chains, the oil pump chain tensioner and the cam chain loose side guides. This meant both oil chain guides, the tight side cam chain guide and the cam chain tensioner were not changed. They assured me that they did not require replacement, and gave me half the value of these parts back as an apology, as it was my word against theirs that that we had agreed on the phone to change ALL the parts. I accepted this on the proviso that they were assuring me that parts did not require changing.
    Using the car over the next few weeks I still wasn't convinced by the noise it was making, still sounded 'chainy' to me. Sure it was my paranoir I tried to put it out of my mind. That was until some more research on this forum lead me to a thread with someone else asking about chain noise.) This thread ended with the member having their chain and aux belt changed at HH, and it all being sorted. What I found disturbing is that the video he posted of his car before, sounds a lot like my car does now?

    This really bothered me, and so contacting HH again they agreed to look at the car. They have done this and are confirming that my car sounds perfectly ok, that this is what the CTDI sounds like. They didn't have any other cars in to compare it too, but have said they'll contact me when they do. Until then I am on the hunt for other members similar cars, and what they sound like. Please contact me if you could help.
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    Re: What does your i- CTDi sound like?

    Sounds normal to me,its a diesel dude.
  3. If the chain's just been replaced there's no way it will be worn or stretched, so you can relax now and enjoy the car.
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    Yours sounds fine, to me.
    Those two clips don't sound that similar if I'm honest.
    Why do you doubt what HH is telling you? They have a good reputation on here for looking after members cars.
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    Exactly same sound as mine. Chill and enjoy your car!
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    I installed plenty of timing chains myself, sounds fine from the clips, I don't think you have anything to worry about.
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    I work at a honda dealership snd I've gotta say thats one thing honda is good for, if they say they've done it they have, and if they say its ok 99% of the time they are spot on. Like mentioned above id just go and enjoy your car :Smile: