Suspension, Steering and Brakes What grease for brake calipers pins?

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    Hi All,

    I've discovered this morning that my front passenger side brake caliper is sticking. When I got to work, there was a burning smell as soon as I stepped out of the car and upon inspection I found that one wheel was too hot to touch. So it is clear to me that my brake caliper is sticking.

    My question is, I changed the front brakes myself last year and greased the back of the pads and slider pins with copper grease. I have now discovered from dr google that copper grease is not ideal for the sliders and I should have used a lithium or silicone grease.

    I will re-grease the caliper this weekend and would be grateful if other owners could advise if they have had trouble using copper grease or make a recomendation for a particular grease I should use on the slider pins.

    Of course, it may not be the caliper, it could be the brake line or the caliper could be beyond repair in which case that is fine but I would still like to know for my knowledge if I should have used something else on the sliders.

    Thanks in advance
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    I think we've had this discussion before when I get a second I'll try dig up the thread.

    - - - Updated - - -

    If I recall correctly I think out of the suggested lot Bosch Superfit as suggested by CJ is the one to go for.

    You may want to read the whole thread through and draw your own conclusion.
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    I took off the brake caliper (not completely off the car - brake lines still attached) and gave everything a good clean. I couldn't get hold of the bosch grease and needed to sort out the car ASAP so used some lithium grease instead on the slider pins. I was advised by my local motor factors that this is good for high temperatures and will do the rubber no harm.

    I am please to report all is fine smell and there is now no burning smell and the wheel is not too hot to touch. Following my research and advice from here that brakes should be greased every year i am wondering if people here just grease the back of the pads and slider pins or do the piston ring rubber seal as well?

    If I should do the piston ring seal as well, do i just prise off the dust cover and grease? Will I cause any damage by prising off the dust cover? Any tips?

    Thanks in advance
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    What type of lithium grease was this ? I am going to say the opposite it one of the worst grease you can use for high temperature requirements as the sliders.

    sorry bud you have been given some really poor advise.
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    Hi CJ,

    Thats strange because I actually went in to get some silicone grease after I couldn't find the bosch superfit stuff. The guy basically said both this and the silicone grease should be fine for rubber but when we read the details on the can the lithium grease actually stated that it was good for temperatures upto 200 degrees wheras the silicone grease had no such mention of high temperature.

    Hence, I agreed with the motor parts guy that lithium grease is probably better for this purpose. It was white lithium grease spray if that makes any difference. It made sense at the time, obviously wrong though!!

    Anyway, after reading your post last night, I've done some consulting with dr google and decided that lithium grease is indeed not good for rubber due to its petroleum content. No probs, I'll order some bosch stuff on the bay and clean and regrease. Can't be much harm done in a couple of weeks.

    I'm looking forward to your brake caliper annual service diy as that is definitley something I plan to do on the rears and annually on all 4. I'm particulalry interested in how you will grease the caliper seal as that is not something I've done. Doubt you'll be able to get out this weekend with the weather!!

    Good luck for when you do get round to it.

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    200 degrees oC isn't actually that high temperature, I would expect brakes under heavy or prolonged braking to get a lot higher than that.
    I would change it ASAP, you don't want it melting and leaking all over the brakes.
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    Funny the same grease dries up in my car in 8 months, sod this safe rubber nonsense you want the slider not to jam and that red grease is useless on dual piston caliper.

    How I look at it is the rubber perishes replace it I rather have better caliper performance than look after a cheap rubber boot.
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