Engine & Gearbox What is an ECU update?

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    Hi folks,

    I'm due to pick up my 09 2.2 idect exec in a few weeks, was chatting the dealer today (non honda) and he said he had it back at honda this week and they ran an ECU upate on it.

    What does that mean exactly and what improvements or any would it bring to the car?

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    The ECU update is just a software patch. Honda release these so that you don't experience any issues they already know about in the future and to help the pgm-FI system run at its optimum level.
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    Hi Mick,

    Honda introduced rewriteable ECU on all Honda since 2001, Honda can update the configuration of the ECU via software updates to ensure the car is running at its optimum performance. Honda can interrogate the ECU and extract data for performance analysis and where they see a trend which affects performance then a adjustment can be made.

    Its really importantly that all diesel Honda get their updates frequently as it a constant evolution. Only Honda dealers can ensure you get the latest patches .

    I and other can own the HIM's or MVCI's but the software update dvd is sent directly by Honda to dealers via post. :Wink: