Accord/6th Gen What shoud I look for?

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    Hello, fairly new to all things Honda so was wondering what I should be looking out for when buying an accord 6th Generation. I know the basic mechanical faults to look for, but I don't know specific things with Accords. Also which is best to go for, the 1.8 VTEC or the 2.0 VTEC. I would be looking to make it into a 'Type-R' replica (front splitter, side skirts and rear bumper) are these parts easy to get hold of and put on? Sorry if some of these are stupid over asked questions.

    Any help would be appreciated

    Thanks Tom
  2. Hi Tom, it's difficult to generalise really

    I found the 5 door gave me a lot of flexibility so it's worth looking for one of them

    Not much difference between the 1.8 and the 2.0 I don't think

    I would look for one with a good service history and proof the timing/balance shaft belts have been changed

    If you're lucky you might find one that a retired person has kept garaged and hardly used

    The 2.3 Type Vs are very nice as are the 2.0 Executive models although from what you say it sounds like you might prefer a Sport

    In terms of inspection apart from the usual things like exhaust smoke and inside of oil filler cap I would personally try and check the brake fuel and power steering lines for corrosion (can only be done properly from underneath which might not be possible but you can still check under bonnet and wheel arches) and listen out for noises from the suspension when you test drive
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  3. Checking the last MOT for advisories might be useful too.
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    Firstly thanks for the reply, your right I do prefer the sport models. Thing is im still young and will want to 'modify' my accord, don't worry I don't mean any horrible body kits or anything. Just some decent wheels and coilovers. I have seen a few 1.8 VTEC sports for around 1,500 that look decent enough, my insure is fairly reasonable for one aswell. Most people I know are now getting Civics which I don't dislike but they are just so common, then I came across a stunning Accord Type-R and just fell in love with them.

    I will be sure to give one a good looking over before I hand over any money, once I get one im sure I will be making threads on how to do things lol I will be getting on your nerves in no time.

    Found out that you can do that online with the cars reg and MOT number which will be useful :Grin:

    Thanks again for the info