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    I have just bought a 2001 Honda Accord 2.0i VTEC SE Auto (58k miles) and apart from a few scuffs on the bodywork, is immaculate inside and drives like a dream. However as this is my first Accord and it is an old vehicle, I was wondering if those of you that are familiar with this model could advise/suggest anything I should be aware of to avoid surprises later on. This is either in respect to 'difficult to source' spares or engineering issues that I may come across?
    Many thanks.
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    Hi and welcome,

    They are good cars, but like any car maintenance is key. Check all your fluids are topped up, auto trans also, there is a dipstick. Might be getting a bit rusty around the arches/doors at that age, so maybe some Waxoyl would be beneficial.

    Cambelt change on those is something like 7 years, 84000 miles, not 100% sure, service book says, but check if its been done, so it should have been in 2008 on age.


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    Just when I thought everything was okay

    So I have this new vehicle (as in new to me) and I'm starting to feel good about it and my ability to spot a bargin. Having bought it privately, for not alot, from a bit of a wheeler dealer, I have harboured some anxiety - but didn't allow the family wind of it, that it might actually turn out to be mutton dressed as lamb. But for a week it's been glorious... and then today it broke down. The Green Flag man said the alternator has gone, which leads me to the point of this post. Is it as simple as that, should I look elsewhere for component failure and could this problem be caused by other background issues. Or itself result in issues elsewhere. And of course, what advice can Accord owners offer me iro the remanufacture or repair of the alternator?
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    For a car of that age I would take a punt at a second hand alternator from a scrapyard or ebay. Probably cost you around £30-£40.
    Alternatively you could take it to a remanufacturing outlet, they will take your alternator in exchange for a reconditioned one. This is likely to cost you closer to the £100 1st Generation think.

    A new one will be around the £160-180 mark, which is not really worth going for.

    Alternators do wear out eventually so you've just been unlucky, it's doesn't mean that you've chosen a bad or unreliable car.
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    Thanks richsprint & SpeedyGee. Do you have any idea on the spec / type of alternator I need to search for?
  6. SpeedyGee Administrator Staff Team

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    You just need to make sure it's for an 2.0 litre Accord 01 or 02 reg.
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    Have a look at the parts diagrams on Lings, enter your reg or VIN number:

    Honda parts

    Someone like eurocarparts might be cheaper check out their website also. Also Google for a local alternator repairer, could be cheaper.

    As Speedy said, alternator could go on any 12 year old car, so just wear and tear really.

    Part of the risk buying a 12 year old car.

    All the best.
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    David any luck in fixing the issue mate? you got really got responses there just hope it easy to fix it without breaking the bank.
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    Hi Mikem, Haven't gotten that far yet as the car failed it's MOT which revealed a number of problems including a large part of the exhaust system that needs replacing amongst other fairly minor bits and pieces - unsurprisingly all age/corrosion related. Another concern is that I read on this site somewhere that this (auto) version of the car shouldn't be touched with a barge pole due to transmission issues. Hope I haven't got that to look forward to, but surely not at 58k? By the way, could you/someone explain the difference between standard and Type-S Accords?
    Thanks for following up.
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    The alternator was indeed in need of new brushes but is (apparently) mechanically sound. Having fitted a new silencer and had the headlight lenses polished, it's now through the MOT. My only real current concern is the idle speed which is only 300 - 400rpm. Although it seems happy at that speed (doesn't stall) it is obviously to low. I believe itis not a simple matter of turning a screw to adjust this, as there is no screw. Any help on how this is done would be appreciated.
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    Re: Progress!

    Hi Davidaccord,
    Happy to see things get sorted! I'm sure you will enjoy this car for several years.
    Idle speed: before doing anything, make sure ALL maintenance is done and done in a proper way.
    There are a few things that have an influence on idle speed:
    - spark plugs: correct type and condition?
    - valve clearance
    - ignition timing
    - airfilter
    - carter ventilation

    Is this low idle in 'N' or in 'D'+brake? => auto transmission also influences idling
    Do you get a good high idle speed when starting cold?
    Your engine should have 730 RPM +/-50 in N or P. Condition: no load (AC, blower fan, window defogger, radio, lights, ...etc).
    If this is fine, but RPM drops afterwards with load, then you might have a problem with a signal to the ECU: AC, alternator, powersteering.
    Check all the hoses and gaskets from the idle control valve!
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    Carter ventilation ?? Is that crankcase ventilation ?
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    Yes, sorry. Was thinking in Dutch.
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    Just posted comprehensive update on my previous comments, took a phone call and managed to delete it. So this is abridged version with especially hard keystrokes:Angry: Local Honda garage did diagnostic check and found nothing but failed oxygen sensor (phew), which probably explains low idling speed and bad MPG. Glad nothing else found to be lurking, but that alone is £240 to replace. Think I have seen mentions of this part elsewhere on this site, so assume it to be a topical conversation. Any input on this appreciated e.g. must a new part be used / ...from Honda / can anyone fit it etc? Thanks
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    Dave, next time you lose any typed in text try pressing CTRL-Z, sometimes can help get the text back.

    I'm tempted to say go for a second hand one but that depends on how reliable source is.

    I recently got a second hand lambda sensor for £40 but that was from a source I knew would be good for parts.

    Also removing it can be a few min job to an all out battle using blow torches and all sorts.
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    Thanks SpeedyGee, found the following supplier and prices seem very keen. Linky They claim to be OEM equivalent, need I be concerned that they are not genuine Honda parts?
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    Only the original part is guaranteed to
    - be as good as the factory mounted
    - fit like a glove
    - be the correct one for your engine, and if your dealer mounts it, it's his problem if he ordered a wrong partnumber
    That's why I always go for original spare parts. But it's you who needs to decide.
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    Valve clearances should be done every 100k on the 6th Generation, tell take sign they need doing is a knock at the top end from cold, a garage charges around £50-£60 to do them if your not confident to do them yourself, my 6th Generation is at 107k and need doing

    It is recommended you change the oil at the same time, and rocker gasket
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    Re: Progress!

    Dear All,

    After getting sidetracked with another vehicle, I'm now back on the case. The idling issue has correctly been attributed to a faulty Lambda (Oxygen) sensor in the manifold (see pic). But the good people at Honda would like to trade an arm and a leg for their hallowed device and I would like to offer little more than a finger nail. So if anyone knows of an OEM part number and/or source of this sensor, I would be very grateful indeed.

    Accord engine showing position of Lambda sensor.
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    Re: Progress!

    I have just done 167000 miles same exhaust, same shockers, replaced brakes once, replaced one top suspension joint, and antiroll bar links plus tyres of course Its a 1998 auto 2.0 and drives like a new one to this day the very best car I have ever owned (about time I did the cambelt)