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    Hi folks new here so Hello, Well the story is im on the hunt for a Accord 1.8 VTEC sport 01 or 02 , I have had a Passat tdi sport the last number of years and to be honest it has been a money pit to keep it on the road and is currently getting the head gasket done again after just 15k. So what should I look for with the Accord and do they suffer with head gasket failer any advice appriciated thanks
  2. Hi and welcome, you want good service history especially regular oil changes, timing belt changes every 70k, check exhaust & brake and fuel lines for corrosion if possible, check clutch wear, no big issues really though, check out the 6th Generation section for more info.
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    On the 5th generation Accords there is or was (depending where you are in the world) an issue with vacuum upsetting the balance to the engine once any air leaks were pluged it was fine, the reason I say depending on where you are in the world is that as I am in Cyprus cars do not rust, my Accord is a 1993, no rust, no corrosion just dust every where and no cobwebs in the suspension as any one who knows Cyprus will tell you, as I said in another thread; if you ask for anti freeze here they think you want a hot drink. So get your self an Accord and do your self a favour.
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    Thanks for the replys folks, I have been looking up and pricing cars and here in Ireland should have one soon I hope
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    Hey bud and welcome.

    You already made one good decision - looking for heads up before buying.

    I did that to and ended up with a nice 2.2 oil burner having like you been used to VW crud and their perceived reliability ha ha had my fair share of money pit and all were German.. Pleased to say my Honda has been a great car so far :Smile:

    Good luck bud with the search. Just read up make notes on what to not buy and stick to it. Loads of good petrol out there :Smile:
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    Thanks, With the Vw I thought I just had a bad one but seems they just don,t last unless money is pumped into them every few months, German diesels in general are high maintenance, over the years Iv had some 25 used cars and vans and in general been lucky with what I got, but by far the worst two were an Opel astra van diesel, and the Passat TDI both with full service history, hence why Im here so I don't get burned again, all that said one of the best cars i owned was a golf 1.8t never even blew a bulb in 6 years I owned it.
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    Hi there guys im new to this site, so a big hello to you all. i am looking into buying an accord more specifically a 1.8 VTEC sport 2001. with 91k on the clock apart from the usual service history and vehicle data checks what should i be looking for do these cars have any common faults. any known issues i have had a few Hondas before and i do love them they feel different to any other car. any help[ with this would be great and i hope to be a Honda owner once again sooner rather than later.
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    Hi there speedygee i have had a look that's some great info i will take notes with me when i go to see the car. there seems a long list but when broken down abit there isn't much that goes terribly wrong. thanks for your help.
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    Kettlz86, pick any typical European car and compare the possible list of faults you'll soon see the difference :Smile:

    I won't mention the name but one German car manufacturer has a whole website dedicated to possible faults with said manufacturers cars, all logged by disgruntled owners Lol.

    Across the 5 Hondas that I have owned, totalling a decade of driving and well over 200,000 miles, none of my Hondas has ever developed a fault.