General What year is my Accord 2012 or 2013 ?

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    HI all. I have recently purchased a 62 reg Accord Type-S (ADAS). I have been trying to properly work out the model year of the car. It was registered in OCT 2012, but when I look at the VIN, it reads as a 2013.

    I was looking at this web site Honda Accord Saloon (08-15) used car prices | Parkers and the 62 can be
    2012 / 62 reg
    2013 / 62 reg

    Can you guys confirm what year it is? I am not sure when new model year starts. From checking the links on this site I worked it out as below....


    JHM -Manufacturer, Make and Type of Vehicle - (JHM) = Honda Motor Corp, Honda Passenger Vehicle
    CU3 - Line, Body, Engine Type = CU3 = Accord Decial N22B1, N22B2
    5 - Body Type and Transmission Type = 4-Door Sedan/6-speed manual
    7 - Vehicle Grade (Series) = Type-S
    0 - Fixed Code = 0
    D - Model Year - D = 13
    C - Factory Code = Satsuma Factory in Japan
    xxxxxxx = Manufacturing Serial number

    Also, while I am at it, what is the difference between the N22B1 and N22B2 engine? I have the N22B2. $_86 (2).JPG
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    2013 MY vehicles were available before 2013.
    N22B1 is the standard power I-DTEC.
    N22B2 is the higher output I-DTEC in the Type-S
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    Thanks for the feedbak NELs. A few more questions...
    1. Where can I get original 2013 pricelist - I want to know what this one originally cost, especially since it appears fully loaded except for the sun roof
    2. Did Honda update the sat nav DVD, mine appears to be 2012 version
    3. Where can I get the shop manual? I was reading about people changing the interior lights from red to blue and also brighter ones.
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    1) I don't have a 2013 price list, only 2014.
    2) What version number is printed on your disc? 3.xx
    3) I believe genuine workshop DVDs are available from main dealers, but are not cheap.

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  5. Is my Accord 2012 or 2013 ?


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    Hi NELS.. My disc is 2011-2012 ver 3.60. I will contact the dealer that performed the service on the car to get a pricing for the service manual. If I need to ask about detailing (washing, waxing and such), I assume I need to start a new thread in the detailing section, correct?
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