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    honda have used the names of accord and Civic for some years now and for good reason. The names sell ! it is as simply as that.. A manufacturer only changes a name if either the car was not a good one and the name stinks of reliability issues or the name is a swear word in another language. The name Granada caused a serious problem for fords!
    Ford use the names Fiesta and focus . In particular the fiesta name has been around for many years. Ford are a manufacturer that liked to keepnames for many years cortina to 5th Generation Escort also VW golf and polo. where a manufacturer has made a codswallop of a car they simply never continue the name. VW fox ..
    Honda have great names such as goldwing motorcycle (i have had 4) that name started in 1974 ! and still continues to this day..
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    Yep thats right.

    Slightly off topic but relevant all the same, it annoys me when people call the 2002 Jazz the 1st Generation. As we all know the 1st Generation Jazz came out in the 80's.
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    Yup I have always adressed the GD1 as second gen This what the first gen looked like.
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    The Honda name in the Uk is associated with 'retired persons' cars, they need to do something about that....

    Anything with 'Type-R' seems to work though. 'Wheely Bin Type-R' someone would buy
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    Well they have tried to address it Rich with the Jazz Si

    But the as you say the image of sliver drivers has been set and conceiving the Fiesta or Corsa crowd towards the SI has been difficult. I haven't seen on on the road let alone test driven one to see if it really sporty.
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    Yes my neighbour had a Type-R one of the early VTECs i believe ! shame he spinned into a tree last winter and AWOL it.
    he claimed it did 140 on the race track...
    But i agree with him when he says that honda appear to be a retired persons manufacturer and the Type-R is not the sort of car associated with honda. Its true that older drivers ,certainly over 40 appear to own them mostly as fleet cars.
    The Jazz has a problem that because of the sort of owner the normally buys a honda is not the sort who would buy the Jazz in large numbers. Nissan micra has a reputation of being owned by over 60s ands sells automatics in huge numbers.
    Where honda falls down is that they have a great reputation for building quality cars ie the accord and the Civic medium to large cars. But cars such as the Legend sell very poorly here in the UK (i not even seen one) which are luxury cars are not really what honda is known for. (Mercs,BMW and jags all cater for them).
    The question is how they change that situation ? my view is that they should not and consentrate on the medium/large family cars.
    The honda name means everything ! let the Civic and the Accord names continueand by the way please do not build an electric Accord it simply will not work
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    Hmmm , my dad got his first Honda accord at 80!! But he complains about slow drivers- guess that's where I get it from then....