Accord/8th Gen Whats my car worth

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    United Kingdom Ray Cambridge
    I am so pleased with my Honda accord, 2008 new model. 2.2 diesel, Ex,GT, with ADAS, and everything honda make for the accord, including side trims, boot spoiler, full spare wheel. It's finished in Milano red. 15 months of original Honda extended warranty, only 40000 miles and might I add, fantastic condition. I want to buy the same car, same spec, but an "S" type. Anyone got any idea what this car is worth in a private sale?
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    I would suggest contacting your local Honda dealer for a price & then maybe add 10./. On top of that
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    Depending on whether its an 08 plater, or a 58 plater, I'd say about £14k. Guesstimate.