Electrical & Lights Whats the biggest battery the 8th Generation can take?

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    I need a battery for my I-DTEC. Does anyone know what the largest battery I can put in there is? Do yo have any recommendations?

    I know theres 2 readings on a battery. One being the capacity the other to do with the charge when the cars turned on I think.

    Does anyone know what I should order as I need to get one ordered this afternoon.

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    £40.79 from HH :Thumbup: Im not sure what the spec is though for them:Search: I'll be back up there Saturday at 9:00am again.
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    mate just update this thread with the amps reading and type this will help a lot of members.

    I do know the spare part batteries are made in Spain and France the original one was made in Japan by Johnson Controls.
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    Ill try and find out. I have a feeling the Varta ones of ebay are better as there are 3 types depending on what spec you want. When I asked about them at HH I was told it would be the same as whats on the car. If that's true it will come with some indicator lights.

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    Honda 77AH - 780 £40.79 (on offer I believe) It seems to be a bigger and better battery than the ones off ebay :Thumbup:

    Off ebay:
    Black top - 70AH - 640 = £66.11
    Blue top - 72AH - 680 = £70.36
    Silver Top -74AH - 750 = £74.39

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    UPDATED See above