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    Well, after spending £80 on wheel alignment after an MOT (car sailed through it!) , I have noticed a slight difference. Mind you it's probably me wishing to see a return for my money, but the car seems even smoother to drive and especially accelerating. Not that there was much wrong anyway, but possible a very slight pull when accelerating from a standstill.

    I don't see that a rear wheel alignment out by something like 2.9mm is going to be all that noticeable - the fronts were both within the green acceptable tolerance, maybe a degree at most on one of them.

    But there you go - I need to see an improvement and keep tellingysf everything is just that bit more smoother! :Smile:
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    2.9mm is a pretty decent amount in terms of alignment I would think.

    Also misaligned wheels will wear out, tyres don't come cheap huh .. so £80 spent maybe £100 saved

    There ... are you feeling better now ? :Smile:
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    Do you mean mm or degrees? if degrees of alignment then that is a lot.. effectivley you had a rear wheel pointing in a different direction to others, you should notice a small improvement in fuel economy as well...
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    Gatwick Honda just charged me £30 for wheel alignment. Apparently it's their standard charge. Sorry, you're probably not feeling quite so good now but it might help others here...
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    How I see it .

    There is tap water up north its called (Council pop) then you have Spring Water,Bottled Water,Volcanic Water, Carbonated Bottled Water, Sparkling Water still ,Sparkling Natural Mineral Water, Sparkling Natural Mineral Carbonated Water,Then a few million brand names from Aldi to Perrier.

    French claim they produce the best water in the world , after all it is H20 with varying twists to it.

    Alignment can be compared to same level what are you getting for it .. cost or quality?