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Discussion in 'Detailing & Cleaning' started by FirstHonda, Friday 22nd Mar, 2013.

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    Infuriating / ridiculous that this may sound to those of you in the South West / Midlands / North / Northern Ireland / Wales and who have had bad weather today, but down here in Bucks it has been pretty decent. Anyway, it gave me a chance to give the Accord a LONG overdue clean as I am off work today.

    Used a wheel cleaner that I bought a few weeks ago for the first time, and I have to say it is without doubt one of the best detailing products I have ever used - and I've used a lot, from manufacturers like Meguiars, AutoGlym, Swissvax, Dodo and many, many, more...

    Bilt Hamber Auto Wheel is the product - spray on, leave until it goes purple, and then it took off 4 weeks of grime and brake dust with minimal effort, even at the back of the wheels. Very VERY impressive, and I'd say well worth a try if you haven't already got a favourite.

    I have been using Dodo Mellow Yellow for a while, which is pretty decent, but this stuff is in a different league. I have used other Bilt Hamber products and they are starting to be my first point of call due to the quality of finish and ease / speed of use. :Thumbup:

    Anyway, the car is now finally looking nice and presentable after a good wash and going over with Dodo Red Mist protection detailer (which is another of my favourite products...)
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    Thanks for the review buddy I have just finished the last of my valet pro billberry which I have been using for 6 years and I was thinking there must be a improved product by now.

    I may try it :Thumbup: . infact I need to buy a lot of detailing gear I made a massive investment three years ago it was silly money now all that product is over I need to do a repeat order.

    Just need to find a wholesale place with great prices.
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    I've built my "collection" of detailing products over many years. As I guess is the case with most of us, I tend to use a product for a while, then try something else so have quite a variety! I do return to them from time to time though, and often get a nice surprise with something I'd forgotten (P21s wax being a great example on silver, if only it had durability. Great for Summer use though).

    Funny how all different brands feature too, and how I have favourites from across the board. For example, I use nothing but Swissvax "Best of Show" as the final finish for my MINI which is solid red (with their cleaner fluid), but on the Accord it just didn't give the same clean and reflective effect...

    The Swissvax detailer is hopeless too, especially when compared with the Dodo Red Mist. And one of the few Bilt Hamber products that I haven't been that impressed with is their detailer (Auto-QD). Good result, but far too much effort required for a QD.

    Always look forward to the summer when my OCD can really kick in with the cars!! How sad does that sound...?!