Tyres & Wheels Wheel compatibility between 3rd and 4th generation

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    I presently have a 3rd Generation CR-V and I'm about to update to 4th Generation. I have a full size alloy spare for the 3rd Generation. Will it fit on the 4th Generation? (I know that it does not fit properly in the boot, it's whether it will fit properly on the vehicle that I'm interested in.) Thanks
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    4th Generation comes with an almost full size 17" wheel as standard.

    I believe that in any case, you can use 3rd Generation wheels on the 4th Generation, as I have seen a couple of 4th Gens for sale wearing the old 3rd Generation 19" Blaze alloys, so the fitment has to be identical.

    What 4th Generation model are you getting and when?

    Please do share pics when you get it :Thumbup:
  3. Stefan Junior Member ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    I'm presently driving a 58 plate 2.2 I-DTEC EX (thinking about it that probably makes it a 2nd Generation [round fog lights on the front]- sorry about that!) I have a brand new 2.2 I-DTEC EX on order. It should arrive next week.
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    58-plate will be 3rd Generation :Thumbup:

    Yes I have the same 4th Generation as you. What colour and transmission have you gone for? Have you added any extras to it?
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    It's solid blue in colour with a manual transmission. I am having a tow bar fitted because I tow a caravan. My 58 CR-V tows our caravan really well, I'm hoping that a similar, same engine size, fuel and transmission, new CR-V will do it even better.
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    Glad that you went for manual - you won't be disappointed.

    And you will love the fuel economy when you get a couple of thousand miles under your belt. Have a look at THIS. :lol:
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