Tyres & Wheels Wheel trims and locking nuts?

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    Two simple questions, I'm pretty sure that I am correct but just need clarification.

    1) My car wheels are 4 stud, I am looking at aftermarket wheel trims but the majority are 5 stud. Am I right in thinking that they won't fit my car?

    2) I am missing a locking wheel nut on one of the wheels - is it safe to drive with it missing?

    Cheers guys
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    Wheel trims? As in the plastic ones that you clip onto steel wheels?

    Missing a locking wheel nut, do you mean you only have 3 wheel nuts holding your wheel on? If so I would purchase another wheel nut! It does not have to be a locking one but then someone could pinch one wheel.

    Does the car have alloys?
  3. Chunkylover53 Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    Yeah sorry I should be more specific. I do mean the plastic wheel trims that attach to the steel wheels.

    I only have 3 wheel nuts on one tyre but I do not have alloy wheels. I looked on ebay but I'm not sure which wheel nut to get.
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    The wheeltrims to clip on the wheels will fit, the trims that come under the nut won't.
    Only 3 nuts won't get you into trouble. Find a breaker nearby and get yourself a 4th one.
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    Right HH just quoted me just above a tenner for two wheel nuts.

    I went to Halfords and they said I need to get Honda wheel trims as they are held in place by the wheel nuts. Are there any aftermarket wheel trims that I can use with the Honda, or reasonably priced Honda ones, HH wanted 54 for ONE plastic trim which is frankly ridiculous on Hondas part?

    Cheers guys
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    Halfords should also sell universal wheeltrims (15", 16"or 16") which you can click on. Even on a Honda. :Wink:
    The original ones that come under the nuts are expensive indeed but you won't loose them.
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    I thought that the ones halfords sell would work perfectly but they said it wouldn't because the locking nut cannot go through them and hence they will stick out preventing the wheel trim from being attached. Really confused right now.
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    I think theres enough space behind the wheeltrim for the nuts, sounds logical doesnt it. Since you can't remove the nuts to make the wheeltrim fit. LOL
  9. Chunkylover53 Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    Yup that's the issue. I will probably go to another Halfords and hope they let me try and fit one wheel trim before I pay for the whole set.
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    Nick Derby
    Personally I'm surprised that steel wheels would have locking wheelnuts anyway. Halfords, as usual, staffed by morons. Try a local factor who knows something about cars!
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    Yeah I ended up buying a few from a scrapyard.
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    Okay so now I've been told to use the jack to raise the car and then change the wheel trims as it can be dangerous to remove all 4 nuts and then change the trim while it is on the ground. Furthermore because the nuts are large and now need to fit under the wheel trim, I am going to have to cut the wheel trim to allow the nut to go through. Does that sound right?
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    Current wheel trim
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    Seems like a load of hassle for some steel rims ? There not really high up on a scally's "pinch list". Unless its really rough where you live ??
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    Gonna say you're overcomplicating a bit! Best solution = buy some caps that fit! (Go local rather than online so you can see them)
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    I honestly cannot find any that would fit, other than genuine Honda ones but at 60 pounds each I won't bother at all

    Old wheel trim
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    Nick Derby
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    I forgot to mention that my wheels are 15 inches. I have explored buying 2nd hand wheel trims but the majority on ebay have a good few scuff marks etc and have just been painted over. I really wanted to fit some aftermarket ones on instead. I'll probably stick with the stock ones for now.