Suspension, Steering and Brakes Wheel vibration

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    Hi, I've noticed alot of vibration on the steering wheel on the motorway from around 100 kph upwards. I had the wheel balancing done but honestly very little difference. The tires are also good.

    any ideas what else could be causing vibrations?

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    From my experience vibration present between 80-120 kph is usually due to incorrect 4 wheel alignment, if it gets worse the faster you drive over 120kph, might be wheel balance,(weights/alloys or tyres) I would start by putting both front tyres on the rear axle and then feel if vibration is still through the steering wheel or will it be through your seat/floor, if it stays on the steering wheel check the suspension for any play and then do wheel alignment. I assume the vibration does not get worse when you press your brake gently.
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    I had the same problem and it tuned out to be the rear tyres that were the problem. I had the front tyres balanced. The car aligned several times etc. It was really weird as you would swear that it was the fronts causing the vibration.

    If you only had the fronts balanced, get the rears done too:Wink: If that doesn't fix it then its onto other mechanical things.
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    My vibrations were due to Kwik Fit's wheel balancing machine being out of calibration so even though it was returning a green zero it wasn't doing the job properly. Took it elsewhere and the problem was sorted. :Smile:

    Oh, check your wheel nuts also! lol
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    Hahaha, that's top ! Kwik Fit classic boo boo !

    Glad you got it fixed.
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    They did that to me on my previous car when i Had 4 tyres fitted, I had the wheels rebalanced 3 times then gave up and done it somewhere else. :Grin: