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    Hi folks not sure if anyone can help but would appreciate it you can..

    I have a 1995 CR-V auto imported from Japan. I am after a replacement set of wheels for her as the alloys currently fitted are awful looking things. The problem i am having is as it is an import not UK spec it has 4 stud wheels. UK spec CR-V's have 5 stud wheels so whenever i shop around online for wheels/ brake discs etc everything is 5 stud fitment.

    Does anyone know if the stud fitment is identical to any other Honda models such as Accord or Civic? I know the mk-1 CR-V is loosely based on a Civic so was wondering if it's possible the wheel hubs would be identical? :SOS:
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    Could you measure the stud pattern on the your JDM CR-V ? Once we know the pattern we can look at suitable replacements. I wasn't aware the model had this variation.

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    Thanks for responding. I will measure the studs first thing in the morning and let you know the measurement.

    Having a fair few issues with sourcing parts for the car. Have just fitted an exhaust that is supposedly the correct fit for a 1st Generation CR-V but it's about 4" short so none of the rubber mounts fit properly. The battery terminals are the opposite way round to the UK spec models.

    starting to wish i had just got the Prelude i planned to buy in the first place.

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    I have measured the studs and checked the offset and Bore of a standard 5 stud CR-V wheel and from what I can gather from this the wheels on my CR-V are the same fitments as the 1990-2000 Accord models.

    Think i'll take a trip down the local breakers yard and see if i can get my hands on an old steel wheel to confirm this before investing in a new set of alloys.

    If anyone is selling a set of Accord alloys without tyres please give me a shout thanks :Thumbup:
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    I am pretty sure the PCD for your CR-V will be 4x114.3 which would tie in to what you said about the Accord wheels.

    Any wheels from the 4 stud Accord/Prelude will fit. Offset wise, 35-45mm will be ok.
    If I were to go for bigger wheels, I would go 7x17 alloys with a 40mm offset using a 215/55/17 tyre. That will keep the rolling radius the same and fill the arch out nice without sticking out from the body!
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