Engine & Gearbox when to sell?

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    I nearly traded in my 2008 Accord the other day for a lower mileage 2008 Civic as I have hit 60,000 miles. Luckily I realised that the Civic just doesn't quite measure up so walked away, for now. However with my annual mileage being around 15,000 this problem won't go away.

    My question is should I be concerned with the mileage and the effect it has on the value of the car? Also what potential issues should I be concerned about? My car is in good condition and touch wood very healthy at the moment.

    This may sound like a stupid question but just interested to see how far members drive their cars before replacing for a lower mileage newer car.
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    I think there could be several different strategies or wishes on how long to own one car. Personally, own cars until my spendings on repairs are still on normal level. Currently I have 2007 Accord with 56k on a clock and its in perfect condition. Why should I sell a car in good condition? BTW, at the moment I do about 20k miles a year. Which is a lot.. but I just bought a car last summer and I don't see a reason to sell it. Will drive it as long as it won't start breaking down. Hopefully Honda are quality cars! I know other people prefer to change cars really often, every year or couple years. But I can be happy to own the same car even 10 years, as long as its reasonable to keep it.
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    Too the death! which if you lisen to CJ won't
    be log as is a diesel so were al doooomed :Smile:
    otherwise I tend to keep them and sell private often between 150 199.000 miles 200k puts some off but if you know my cars they want for nothing its an OCD thing. HUM seem to me there is a lot of it on this site so im in good company
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    What I usually do,when something expensive ish goes wrong I repair it and give it benefit of the doubt but if it happens second time I get rid of it.
    If its all well then I drive it till I become bored with it.
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    ^^Same here.^^

    Only thing that can influence is a really good trade-up deal, so I'm usually on the look out, finances permitting!
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    Mileage will of course affect resale values, but as long as it is fully maintained, I'd argue that a higher spec helps to keep prices up and act as a counterbalance to high miles.

    As to when the right time to sell is, well, everyone has differing finances/needs/wants. What suits you may not suit others.
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    Yep everyone has different ideas about this.

    Trading a 2008 for another 2008, wouldn't appeal to me. I reckon its best to have as young a car as you can afford, less chance of failures. I try to keep mine below 10 years. Your 2008 Accord will give you many more years of service, but its depends if you can afford to upgrade.

    Kind of makes me confused when you get users on here slagging off a 10 year old+ car for some failure, they don't last forvever without replacing parts and good maintenance!

    Also it gets uneconomic to keep repairing an old car, you be better off putting the money into a newer one. You can spend way more than its worth. A newer car gives you the latest tech and safety features also.

    I can see the point now of a new car on a PCP deal, you know exactly what you are paying, for how long, and a guranteed future value. Also if you do less miles that agreed you may be able to private sell at the end for a profit. Also a new car with 3 years warranty and, no damage to repair, tyres etc.

    Probably not for high mileage drivers though, too expensive. Accord is very expensive on a PCP also, it must be the residuals are too low, making the payments high.
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    Thanks all for the good advice, I'm hanging on to my car for now. It is very difficult to change from the accord as there are so few cars out there that are as reliable, comfortable and have such a comprehensive list of toys.
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    Wholly agree with you mate. I've been looking around recently as well but I keep coming back to the conclusion that there isn't much out there that is better than my Accord.
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    ^ Not to mention the exclusivity factor that the Accord enjoys.

    About the only other car that can claim the same, is the God-awful Ssanyong Rodius!
  11. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    if some one needed a definition of Hideous! look no further than the Ssanyong Rodius.
  12. richsprint Account Closed. ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

    Designed to look like a yacht by a British guy Ken Greenley:

    SsangYong Rodius - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The car was designed by Ken Greenley former head of the automotive design course at the Royal College of Art in London. The design goal was to capture the essence of a luxury yacht.

    What was he thinking?
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    The BMW 1 Series is a close second I'd say....but anyway, back to the thread....:Thumbup:

    Appreciate the OP is having a hard time deciding whether to sell - Indeed, I know how he feels as I am half tempted to keep the Accord if I buy a CR-V...
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    1 series is a triumph of desire over styling, people just want it because its a small cheap BMW, like the 3 series Compact before it.

    I can see the attraction of a CR-V, especially with the uncertainty around the 9th Generation Accord, good deals also.

    Its just not as pretty as an Accord is it? Its an SUV no two ways about it, I think the styling isnt too successful from some angles, its not a natural beauty...

    Guy in my road has a wine red one.

    Its sad, but I enjoy a car I can look at and enjoy the styling..
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    Strangely I had a look at a low mileage 1.8 petrol BMW 1 series 2008 but it is tiny inside and £1000 more expensive than similar age and mileage diesel Ex Civic. Civic has every option while the BMW has a couple of options e.g steering wheel and a radio!! Still neither matched the accord though.