Engine & Gearbox where can i get a crankshaft pulley ?

Discussion in '7th Generation (2003-2008) [Acura TSX]' started by road warrior, Tuesday 28th May, 2013.

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    aside from the stealers - where can i get a pulley from ? less than a month into owning it it has broken, so now the " warranty" company :Rolf: and the dealer are running away as fast as possible :Whistle: not a honda dealer - just a stack 'em high car trader - so just in case ... i need to know who sells them - can anybody help ?
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    Think its a main dealer part and it ain't cheap.
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    Short of stealing one you may just have to buy one somehow? If a 'stealer' is to expensive, I recommend trying a breakers yard.
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    have you tried the motor factors? a2z, ces, general traffic, motormania, eurocarparts etc. may be worth a ring around for a pattern part.
    ps, don't get a so called performance solid alloy one as they will kill your engine .
    hth Sid.
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    thanks for that - and no i won't - if a steel one dies im not going to be buying an aluminium one - but why does it hurt the engine out of curiosity :Aghast: ?
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    no probs mate, . i have had experience of performance solid alloy pulleys sold because they are lighter and so will improve engine response etc bull s*** but....
    the crank pulley is also called a damper pulley. They have a rubber damper bonded between the inner and outer metal parts, to absorb vibration from the engine to auxiliary belt drive train, thus protecting the crank seals from excess abuse. solid ones are solid and do not. solid ones can be ok if you are running an engine that will be rebuilt often , EG a race / track car but for real life don't bother. i have seen performance ones for a £40 -50 so they may be tempting but i wouldn't put one near a car of mine. pattern ones normally cost ( in my experience ) about a third of genuine prices and will probably last about the same, but as long as its got a rubber damper in it i would be happy to fit one to my car.
    this said after fitting solid ones and having to replace crank seals soon after.
    5 stellas up , hope this makes sense...... peace and goodnight....... shhhhhht , oh no not another can :Wink:
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    Try HH ask for the club discount may not be that bad...