Guides Where do you guys get your bits from?

Discussion in '6th Generation (1997-2002)' started by Bonner, Friday 31st Jan, 2014.

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    Strange question I know... :Wink:

    I'm usually good at finding parts for my cars, but I can't seem to find anything aftermarket for my Accord. Specifically I was looking for a set of uprated sway bars. (Usually easy to find for other cars) but I can't find anything worth a damn! Even good old fleabay seems to be a bit vague when I search for Accord bits. Any specific search terms you guys use?
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    For the 6th Generation I'm a bit clueless as I don't own one, but H-Tune, Hond-R and VTEC Direct are good places to look. As for search terms, try searching by your chassis code, and also using mark in the name (6th Generation, 6th Generation, 6th Generation etc.). Of course, you can also look for parts for the Type-R as that's the most popular 6th Generation of all, I don't know however what's interchangeable and what's not.