Accord/3rd Gen Where/when/how to start refurbishment

Discussion in '3rd Generation (1986-1989)' started by smilegr8, Wednesday 1st May, 2013.

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    Hi ! As I don't really know anything about restoration - I will be happy if you can advice me how to start restoration on a 3rd gen accord .

    the car is driving well enough - however I thought to start looking for most parts under the bonnet , cambelt pumps,filters , all belts etc plus (if possible) new wings/arches /doors etc . I just want a new 1987 accord - in other words .

    What's the best way to do that - shall I get few parts and fit them or to get all I want and do everything in one go ? Also I'd like to change the color too .

    Any links where I can find new arches and other body parts ? as these are the most difficult to find I assume .

    regards Iurie
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    ACCORD 86-89 theres your front and rear arches, don't even bother looking for doors. will give you everything you need regarding part numbers for honda if your feeling flush.
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    thank you !