Suspension, Steering and Brakes Which Anti roll bars and bushes???

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    Hi guys what replacement anti roll bars and or bushes would you recommend for a 6th Generation Honda Accord as I am pretty sure my front anti roll bar mushy bushes are on the way out again as there seems to be alot of play in the supension. Is there any good poly kits or is it better to go for Honda OEM parts. I currently have the Eibach pro kit springs installed which are so much better than the OEM parts but is it worth the money going for Eibach anti roll bar kits or just stick to replacing the bushes with ones that last longer than a year.

    Any helpful advice would be gratefully recieved. :Thumbup:
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    I had whiteline on my impreza and was impessed. I don't think it matters on the make just make sure you get the ballence right when setting it up.
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    I used ebay generic parts, and it tightened up the handling no end. :Thumbup:
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    Thanks guys, Racy Jace do you have any links to whiteline bushes as I seem to find it difficult to find bushes for the 6th Generation Honda's not sure why?
    I think all the potholes and speed bumps where I live are causing unnecessary wear and tear on the suspension as I have had 2 new track rod ends in the last 12 months and everytime 2 year at MOT I seem to need new antiroll bar bushes hence why I want something that will last abit longer than 2 years. :Thumbup:
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    Im not sure if they do them for honda I've never looked. Whiteline are austrailian by they way so the website will have a .au after it. If you have a thicker rear bar I think it reduces understeer. You can get adjustable ones so you can find the right balance to. You just need to find how thick yours us already and get the next one up.
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    United Kingdom Andy Aberfoyle
    What make are on just now? I am soon going to replace my ARB bushes but as the OEM have lasted 85k and 11years I am just going to stick with Honda.
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    Thanks Racy Jace for the link soz it took long time to reply, had a death in the family so not been online much.