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    I checked my expansion tank at the weekend and it was dry but my radiator is full. Not knowing what type of antifreeze is currently in the system, which type of antifreeze would anyone recommend to fill the expansion tank..?
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    as long as it says anti-freeze I use it can't see it makes much difference but somebody will tell you if it does :Happy::Happy:
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    There are several different types of coolant/ anti-freeze out there, usually denoted by colour, it's worth making sure you put the right one in.
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    Honda type 2 coolant will be cheaper than the like if halfords.
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    Is it as easy to change the coolant as it seems in the manual? Or are there air problems??
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    I don't think there is a bleed bolt at the back of the block on the f18b2 engine. So the way to do it is just to drain then refill, put the radiator cap fully on, then back it off something like a 1/4turn. The cap should still remain attached but it won't be sealed, letting the air out. Let the engine run until the fans come as per the book, that took about 15mins on mine although seemed to take forever.

    Once you have driven it couple of time afterwards and the radiator is stone cold, check your levels again because you probably won't have gotten all the air out which was my experience.

    If your are going to buy the coolant from Honda you might want to buy a new rubber o-ring for the plug.

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    Thanks for this information, I will probably give it a go during Christmas.