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    Hi, after being carless for nearly 3 years! Due to moving out of the city centre I now find a need for a car and after much searching, I am hooked on the CR-V. I am looking at the bargain basement/cheap end of the scale. Would a late 1st Generation be better than an early 2nd Generation??

    I want petrol, manual and must have remote central locking.. Sunroof would be nice but not essential. Which model year and trim would suit me best? I hate autos, don't do enough miles to justify a derv.. But Remote C/L is a must..

    Never really noticed CR-Vs before, but I can see the appeal. I was going to go for a full size 4x4, but parking is a nightmare and I don't actually need a big one, so CR-V it is.. Would be used mostly for camping trips and shopping duties.. No commuting.

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    Hi @JKsully I can't give you any specific CR-V advice but I'd say generally speaking going for a facelift or later generation of a car is always better but that bumps the costs up, so I guess you'll need to play it by ear and see what crops up for sale.
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    I'd say, that at that end of the market and price, you are better off going for service history and overall condition rather than Gen 1 vs Gen 2.
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    Hi, was reading your thread and wondered did you make a choice or purchase yet? Best wishes stu.