Optional Extras Which generation of CR-V do these roof bars belong to?

Discussion in '2nd Generation (2002-2006)' started by rikernumber1, Monday 8th Sep, 2014.

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    Phillip Whitstable, Kent
    Hi All,

    I bought a 3rd Generation CR-V a couple of months ago. Prior to taking delivery, I came across a set of roof bars advertised on eBay, about 2 mins from where I live - they were advertised as roof bars for a CR-V from 2007 onwards. At the time, I didn't have the car, but it seemed like too good an opportunity to pass up, so I got them (at a good price), put them in the shed and forgot about them....until a couple of days before I went on holiday. At that point I discovered there was no way they were going to fit my 2008 3rd Generation CR-V. I suspect they are 2nd Generation ones.

    I could go back to the person, or I could simply sell them on again - but I need to confirm they will fit a 2nd Generation CR-V - can someone confirm this for me, from the fittings shown in the pictures?

    thanks in advance,


    Roofbars01. Roofbars02. Roofbars03.
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    They certainly look like 2nd Generation ones, if you decide to sell them on let me know, as it would be nice to have some for my 2nd Generation.