Tyres & Wheels Which of these alloys is best for my car ?

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    Hi Guys,

    I have got a 2006 Honda Accord 2.2 I-CDTI. Looking to get some new 17" wheels. My tyres are 205/55/R16. Which one of the below do you recommend and will they fit my car ?

    1) Momo Predator Black
    2) Dezent Re Silver (This is Ex Display but I can find brand new elsewhere)
    3) Dezent Panik

    Will getting these improve or effect my driving/fuel consumption ?

    Secondly, any feedback on this company. Got mixed reviews for this firm online, anyone dealt with them ?

    If you recommend any other 17" alloys to fit my budget of £300, then do let me know


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    You need to select the right tyres sizes otherwise your speedo will be out, I think it will show your going slower than you actually are and will accumulate mileage quicker.

    There are some websites where you enter your current tyre/wheel specs and get the correct tyre sizes to maintain the same overall size.

    As for choosing which alloy to go for thats down to personal preference. What colour car do you have ?

    Do you know anyone that could photoshop the alloys onto a pic of your car ? That would give you an idea of how they will look. You may find some photoshop forums where people will do this upon request.
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    none of these wheels won't fit your car, you need PCD 5x114.3, centre bore 64.1 or more then you can use spigot rings, and offset between 40-55, you can go a bit lower with offset but then wheels may stick out a bit from wheel arch, I have EVO IX wheels with offset 38 so they stick out a bit.
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    Thanks for your help guys. I actually entered my car details on the site and was told that these would fit my car. Good to confirm i guess.

    brodziu, thanks for the valuable input mate.
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    any time m8 :Wink: