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  2. As stated above, you can use 0W 30 or 5W 40 in the petrol engines.

    0W 30 is better for cold start protection when most engine wear occurs and for increased fuel economy, but 5W 40 is better if you will be taking the engine to its performance limits regularly.

    Exol 0W 30, available at a great price from, is an ester-based synthetic oil which is the best you can get, but I think the Exol 5W 40 is mineral oil-based, also known as a hydrocracked oil, but refined enough to be called synthetic, so some people use Fuchs Titan Race Pro S instead which is an ester based 5W 40, but it's over £50 a can.

    I use the Exol 0W 30 personally and I think it's great, but the boss i.e. IchibanAccord swears by the Fuchs and wouldn't touch anything else.
  3. For the diesel though Honda specifically recommend 0W 30 so use nothing else.
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    Yup 0W-30 only for the diesel. Regardless of what your local dealer may tell you!
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    Couldn't agree more about the oil on the diesel. Change as often as you can. The engine sounds so much better for it.
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    All Honda I have owned always feels more crisp after an oil change , the difference is noticeable immediately all Honda love fresh oil.So get changing that oil frequently.
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    It's also worth noting that if you have a main dealer do your oil change then specify that you only want 0W-30 in it. Some dealers will put in 5W30 because it is a lot cheaper, but they'll always argue it as also being recommended by Honda.

    I recently saved a relatives Civic diesel from this indignity.
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    Just out of interest, the UK MOBIL site has an online checker. You enter your reg plate nr and the site returns Mobil recommended engine oils.

    I entered mine [Accord 2.0 SE Tourer 2004] and the site returned the following: MOBIL 1 0W-20 or MOBIL 1 ESP 0W-30. I got a bit confused because I don't know exactly what is the main difference in terms of results, going up from 20 to 30.

    On Saturday though, I went to my Honda dealer for a check-up and I saw instead CASTROL EDGE 0W-30. But on COX MOTOR GROUP [also Honda reps in the UK], they sell MOBIL 1 ESP 0W-30.

    I think I would pick MOBIL given the choice between MOBIL and CASTROL, but that is because I have been "trained" by clever marketing to think MOBIL is better... Is it?

    Any comments much appreciated.:Smile:
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    Me personally i use castrol edge oW-30 always have apart from my last service 137k when used a cheaper make now my timing chain has starting rattling not sure if this is a coincidence or like has been mentioned could be down to the remap or just age but from now on castrol only and at 6k intervals i had been changing every 12.5k please take advice from the people who no don't be like me and learn by your mistakes.£60 for a decent oil change or up to £2400 for a new chain and injectors not rocket science is it unfortunately for me it was,please learn from my mistake
  10. To be fair Dave no need to say you made a mistake because you weren't to know as 12.5k is the service interval specified by Honda for this car.

    However when these intervals are specified Honda must aim to please cost conscious fleet managers and other commercial buyers who aren't worried about longevity because they will sell the car on when it is 1-5 years old but are worried about short term running costs while they own the car.

    For us private buyers who aim for galactic mileages though, when we get our hands on a car as second owner we can then switch to a more generous oil change interval of 3 - 6 k miles (or whatever else suits).

    As you say Honda recommend 0W 30 for the diesel so best not to try and be clever and use anything for brand we are more than happy to recommend Exol supplied by Lubetech which is a great product and superbly priced but if Castrol is your choice you can't go wrong with that.
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    Thank you both Rhigold and SayamaAccord for your comments. I agree that a shorter interval would be necessary, around the 5000 or 6000 mile or 4/6 month, whichever comes first.

    Sayama, does Honda recommend 0W-30 for Petrol as well? This was the issue I found and described earlier in this thread. When visiting Springfield Honda, I saw Castrol Edge 0W-30 for Petrol engines, but when I checked with Mobil website by entering my car Reg Nr, Mobil advised 0W-20 Mobil 1 or 0W-30 Mobil 1 Esp. What is the difference and would I be OK using Mobil 1 Esp 0W-30?

    Many thanks
  12. Hi LJG, Springfield Honda? mustn't be far from me. Sorry I missed your earlier post.

    Honda say 0W 20 or 0W 30 is fine for the 7th Generation petrol. The numbers represent thickness when cold and hot, so both oils are the same thickness (viscosity/flow) when cold, but the 0W 30 is just a bit thicker when it's hot.

    The Mobil site just recommends the 0W 20 for my 2.4 funnily enough, but the oil I use is this one Synthetic, Motor Oil, Fully Synthetic, Lubrication, Lube Tech, High performance, which is top quality and it comes at a much better price than the Mobil. This is ester-based which is the best kind but I don't know if the Mobil and/or Castrol are.

    I think the ESP is one of the very latest low SAPS oils (low sulphur, ash and phosphorus) designed for bang up to the minute cars where a normal 0W 30 would produce SAPS at levels which would clog up their more sensitive exhaust emissions filters so personally I think of the two the 0W 20 seems the better suited if you go for the Mobil.
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  13. I forgot to AOC is affiliated to Lubetech I can send you a discount code if you decide to go for that one.
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    Thanks ever so much for the advice. That is cracking excellent knowledge and advice. I never heard of EXOL Optima Vimax 0W-30 before but will have a good look at it.

    PS: Springfield Honda are in the North East, Newcastle, Durham, and... Washington [the proper one, not D.C. lol]

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    Loads of people have used Exol in the past and they have never mentioned any issues. I use it as a flushing oil on my first gen, a bit excessive but nothing but the best for my cars.
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    ^^^^^CJ gets his oil delivered in gold barrels as well^^^^^
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    They usually get nicked before they get to me..
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    We normally use Pennzoil Ultra full synthetic. So far, we have had a good experience. We have also heard of Amsoil 5W-20 full synthetic also being pretty good too.
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    Hi just to let you know Exol are the largest independent blender in the Uk, the products they produce are top notch, they do not advertise as many of their products are rebranded they sell to many large fleet operators and have a large export business. The brand is a growing brand with a growing reputation there is no compromise on quality.
    The quality is such that they have received full OEM approval from Volkswagen and Ford, there are not many oil companies outside the major brands who manage to achieve this.
    So if you are looking to save money Exol are certainly worth considering

    Lube Tech Shop - Lube Tech Shop
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