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Discussion in '3rd Generation (2006-2012)' started by AlanP6, Wednesday 6th Mar, 2013.

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    As a long term afficionao of Haynes manuals I was disappointed to find that they don't do one for my 2009 CR-V EX. I've seen a few manuals on CDs on eBay but haven't a clue which is best. Any recommendations?
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    Just keep an eye on ebay loads of Honda dealers closing and you can find a original service manual or you can buy a brand new one at the dealers at a obscene amount.
    Please note
    If you do find WSM which is not genuine or is counterfeit\copied do not insert the link on the site. :Hey:
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    Just thought I'd see if anything has changed on this front - looks like there is still no Haynes manual; current offerings on eBay are potentially not genuine, and/or don't cover UK models? Anyone bought one recently, from anywhere, that they can recommend?

    My CR-V will be 10 years old this year, and has 135K on the clock; I'm not sure whether continuing with the professional servicing is going to make much difference to the residual value when I eventually move on, so I am considering servicing it myself from now on. To be honest, I can probably take care of most of the servicing without the workshop manual (I look after 2 other family cars myself), but it's always good to have something like that to hand.