Suspension, Steering and Brakes Whining noise at 60-85mph

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    Having just replaced a rear wheel bearing on my car, which was blindingly obviously very noisy at all speeds I have now noticed another whining noise coming from the front O/S wheel but only as the speed hits 60 mph . Now I have read a lot on here as to the cause of said noise but am non the wiser! The tyres are les than 5 months old and are in perfect condition. The garage said that its unlikely to be the tyres and its more likely to be the bearing.. what a 60 mph!!
    Apparently this could be the case and my rear bearing was hiding the fronts noise!
    So has anyone got any idea as to the truth here?? is a bearing likely to make such a noise at this speed?? My discs are due to be replaced this year as they look to be getting a ridge on them, could this be the source of the noise?
    How does one check for a noisy wheel bearing at such speed?? My car has only covered 65000 miles!
  2. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    Most probably will be worn tyres feel the thread by the palms of your hand with rotating the wheels off the ground.

    Worn tyres give the same noise symptoms as worn bearings your bearing would have been fine, personally it was a waste of money replacing the bearings when the problem still exists.
  3. Nels Moderator Staff Team

    I believe he had a damaged seal on a rear bearing and it was this bearing that was changed.
    The whining is from the front.
  4. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    Have you ruled out it not the rear where majority of the noise come from when its whining or was it misdiagnosed?
  5. Nels Moderator Staff Team

    Don't know that bit. One for @pixiehex to answer...
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    As in my original thread.. (thanks for your help JD) my rear bearing was defo shot! the "o" ring had failed and sand entered the hub, crash waiting to happen! So moving on, the rear is now okay but the noise it made HID the noise I am now hearing from the front OS wheel.... my tyres are only a few months old so I am discounting them! My discs are worn and ridged top and bottom, so that could be the noise I am hearing, so I am changing these tomorrow as a matter of course!
    But the point I was asking in the original thread was, could the whining noise that I hear only at 60 MPH is likely a worn bearing? also adding that at 85 MPH said whining disappears!
    So to re-cap has anyone heard of or know of a bearing making this noise only at these speeds? before I go down the route of changing it?
    Hope this clarifies things!:happycrying:
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    Doesn't sound like bearing noise to me. My tyres make a kind of whine noise at speed but they are only budget tyres, so I kind of expected it.
    What tyres are you running?

    I very much doubt a wheel bearing failure due to wear and tear at 65K. Could also be the discs if worn, I would get them changed next before splashing out on a bearing and see how it goes.

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    Thanks for that! am just on the other side of the car changing the discs, nothing much to report so far, the disc I've just changed on the suspect side was quite ridged and the pads were shining up the rusty edge! I really don't think its the bearing either there was defo no roughness when I got down to the hub, although I could no way turn it at 60MPH!
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    Well I now have new discs and pads all round, a new rear (silent) bearing but my mysterious 60MPH whine is still there! I'm at a loss! apart from the front bearing which is where I think the noise is coming from, is there anything else I should be considering??
    Drive shaft maybe??
  10. SpeedyGee Administrator Staff Team

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    Have you had 4 wheel alignment checked recently ? If the rear chamber is off it will cause whining noise (very much sounds like worn bearing sound) at speed.
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    I had a similar whine noise from my previous set of tyres - they were only a year old.
    Uniroyal rainsports.

    They had 7mm thread on them so were still new.
    We noticed that on the inner thread block they were varying in height. This caused the whining noise
    I have a different set of tyres now and completely quiet

    DEF worth checking the driveshaft for any play

    Are you getting any steering wheel vibration at all?

    If it is the bearing it will get worse - maybe hold out untill it does, it should give you a better idea of what it could be
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    No play in the shafts no vibration on the steering wheel just this dam noise at 60MPH I'm gonna get the tyres checked tomorrow and if that's not conclusive ill just have to wait and see if it does get worse!
    At least I'm well pleased with my new brakes! so not all lost!
    The trouble with all the Hondas I've owned over the years is they are so quiet inside and I hate the slightest noise, it drives me mad!
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    That's why I like it when there are no passengers. :Whistle:
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    Solitude, open country lanes, sunny summer days.... "absence makes the heart go Honda"...
    Its also a crap joke I had as a teenager... and no I'm not telling it to you....
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    sorry , I cannot ad any ideas on what it may be..

    however u did have something similar. . .. . constant whining noises, , just seemed to constantly drone at any speed..
    thought there was a problem but turned out to be a disadvantage of having 4 kids :Smile:
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    I have two kids and they do make a definite drone at any speed. hahaha

    Well if the brakes haven't made a difference. Then I see few options. It could well be the tyres as its a common place for noise to be generated.
    Another thought maybe to get up to 60mph and put the car in neutral to rule out any transmission noise etc..

    another thought is that it could actually be a noisy bearing but not a failed bearing, Sometimes bearings can be noisy and its just the way they are, nothing wrong just a bit noisy.

    mm noises I hate them.
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    I would have thought a bearing issue would cause a noise at all speeds? If it's tyre related then the bigger picture could suggest an alignment problem.
  18. pixiehex Junior Member ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    Found it guys!
    inner driveshaft joint has a load of play in it!! I blindly refused to believe this could be the cause on a car with 60,000 miles on it, but there you go!
  19. Accord_N22 Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    Great news. You must be relieved.
    Hope it doesn't cost too much to replace