HVAC whining noise when air con is on

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    Hi guys i am after some help. My 2007 diesel estate has developed a whine when i have my air-con turned on . I took it to the local honda dealer and they said that the auxillary belt needs changing as there is a new belt out and mine does not have this , i asked if this is what is causing the whine and they said probably not as it might be the alternator but they were not sure. Has anybody ever had or heard of this problem . I am loathe to fork out the 700 pound plus this is going to cost me when their mechanic is not quite sure what it is to begin with . Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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    There is a revised belt design for the diesel, it's a shorter belt and an idler is removed. It is to reduce stress on the alternator bearings.
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    Hi and Welcome to AOC Have a look at this thread :Hey:
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