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    I recently bought my first Honda after two volkswagen diesels. I now own an 05 plate accord saloon diesel sport 95k.
    The engine is fairly quiet but under heavy acceleration a high whistling noise comes from the engine. First thoughts are worn turbo bearings, however i am aware the engine sounds different on the accord due to the chain cam belt.
    Has anyone encountered this type of noise? any known issues?
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    people's opinion on noise is very different person to person. without listening to the noise i am afraid its just guess work and scaremongering. a high pitched whistle is not normal but you can quite often hear the rush of air. be sure to introduce your self buddy and welcome
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    Turbo is a bit noisy when engine is cold but it should go away when engine get warm.At least that was the case on my old car.
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    Welcome to the AOC Nick if it is possible to get a video clip of this noise? The guys have already mentioned it is difficult to gauge what's happened. Zoran car had this odd whistling noise which I trace down to the resonator box rubber hose not correctly seated. It did help to bring the noise levels down but the doubt remains, from my personal experience all I-CTDI engines are not uniform in behaviour and performance.

    That assumption is based on how they have been maintained and operated, there is huge variation in their characteristics and these two factor contribute significantly in the cars performance . In my opinion out of sample of 10 I-CTDI engine two will behave the same making troubleshooting these cars is a challenge and difficult on the forum.

    Just to give you an indication we have a owner here who has the classic symptoms of low fuel pressure resulting in poor throttle response 99% of time the fix is down to a non-genuine fuel filter and by replacing it with a new Honda genuine part it fixes this issue completely.

    However in this case unfortunately that fix didn’t work and after extensive step by step elimination, it was narrowed down to the fuel delivery mechanism. So without knowing the cars history and looking at the car forums do have their limitations.

    Have a look in the 7th gen section to the known issues on the diesel cars hopefully they give you the insights to your dilemma.
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    Hi, Do you know if a jubliee clip is supposed to fitted here? I think this was Zoran had done?


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    Nope there isn't a clip there,for belts and braces you could double up two cable ties to secure it. But the hose looks fine and locked into its grove.
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    thats brill. Thanks.
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    Yep, thats exactly how my car is, does your sound go away when the car is warm?
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    I have a little turbo whistle between 1500 and 2000 RPM -

    it is a little quieter when warmed up i think.
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    You don't really need a clip there, it's before the filter, and not between the turbo and the intake manifold so doesn't have boost pressure in it. But it does look like there should be a clip there from it's design, I thought the same as well when I first saw mine.
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    As CJ has said if you can get a video clip up of the sound we should be able to tell you if it sounds "normal" or not.
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    I've just bought an Accord CDTI after selling my Audi 1.8t. Audi was a cracking car but had to get rid as MPG was too low for the mileage i'm now doing. Anyway engine is very smooth compared to my previous Passat PD 130 diesel. However, i've also noticed the whistling at 60-70 miles plus. Its probably because the engines so quiet that i've noticed it. Service is due in March so I'll see if sound gets any louder. Did you manage to diagnose your problem? If not has it gone worse?