General Why am I always searching for my next car?

Discussion in 'Lounge & Gossip' started by dbrooks65, Saturday 2nd Aug, 2014.

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    Basically I want what you can't get - a reliable, fast, 7 seat, 4x4 that will return 50mpg. So I'm forever searching - never content.

    2 cars would tick all the boxes but that's twice the cost of everything and my wife doesn't drive so we only need 1 car.

    I thought I had cracked it a few years ago and I apologise because it isn't a Honda - a Volvo V70R with factory fitted 7 seat option and aftermarket LPG conversion. It would do everything. Except, apparently the LPG conversion can cause all sorts of reliability problems so I ruled it out.

    Just wondered if anyone else suffers from the same affliction. It's a PITA to be honest because my Accord is a great car.
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    Audi Q7?
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    Audi Q7 is a good shout but fuel economy is the problem. A work colleague has one and gets 35mpg at best.

    My list of requirements is unrealistic which is why I compromise which is why I'm never content. :Smile:
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    LPG conversion is very good if installed properly and shouldn't cause any reliability problems.
    @SpeedyGee Accord has done over 100k miles on LPG without any problems whatsoever IIRC.
    don't trust everything you hear about LPG.
    Find a proper and reputable installer and you will have best of both worlds, Good MPG and a car that suits you.
    Volvo sound like a good option.
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    I don't know much about LPG conversions so maybe I've only read the problems - as is the way with forums sometimes - you don't often hear about the successes.

    Anyway, think I just need a boot up the a*se, stop dreaming and be happy with what I've got. :Smile:

    OR......maybe there's a market for a 7 seat CR-V with a tuned 1.6 I-DTEC!
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    HondaKarma resident LPG installer here... I concur with everything that @Zoran has said. Knowledgeable installer and appropriately chosen LPG system to suit the car and you'll have no problems at all.
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    Pays to have an installation checked over by an approved / knowledgable installer if buying used...
    Says he, looking for a suitable estate... :Smile: