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    production line. Nothing like a factory closure to rev-up car industry doom mongers in the mainstream mediaThe day after Ford announced the closure of its Transit factory in Southampton, one of the UK's most respected media outlets boldly proclaimed the decision had put the skids on British car making. Unpalatable though the Southampton news is, particularly to the workers with uncertain futures, in reality nothing could be further from the truth.
    Car-making in the UK is actually going through a golden period characterised by an unprecedented flow of investment recently estimated by consultants KPMG at £6billion. Repeat that - six billion pounds.
    Here's a rundown so far: Land Rover £370m for Range Rover, JLR £355m new engine plant, Mini £500m Roadster/Coupé, BMW £250m engine plant, Honda £267m engine plant/new models, Nissan £420m Leaf and battery plant, Toyota £100m new Auris, Vauxhall £125m new Astra, the list goes on.
    That is one heck of a roll of honour and I wonder whether any other industry - particularly one that gets political kickings on a regular basis - is keeping UK plc ticking over to the same degree in the worst recession since the 1920s?
    The same consultants reckon that business worth £3billion is now on the table for suppliers able to make the right components to the right quality.
    And as any expert knows, the number of jobs in the supply sector far outweighs the number in assembly plants.
    The other killer stat about UK car making is that overall car production is heading towards 1.95m units by 2015/16 thanks to year-on-year growth of nine per cent.
    That number is significant because it marks the high-watermark of the country's car industry reached in 1972 when the dreaded British Leyland was pumping out models badged Austin, Morris, Jaguar, Rover, Triumph etc.
    So remember those stats when you next read someone talking down the UK car industry. It just isn't true.

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    As for Honda in the UK their manufacturing process are world class but the end products is nowhere close to the final quality of Japan.Honda worldwide have a localisation policy to source vendors close to manufacturing plants and its these components which make the cars final quality not the manufacturing process at HUM. The day new prospecting Honda customers see this they will learn and appreciate the varying component quality and decide carefully which Honda car to buy.

    Afterall HUM is assembling cars with products made by different vendors,so we can bang our own drums and sing praises for the industry and investment into car manufacturing is blossoming.... the fact remains Honda vendor quality is poor for all swindon made cars.