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    Well, it's a long story, so I will try to be brief. In 1991 I got a job selling cars for a main Honda dealer. I always thought Honda made good quality cars, but they never appeared to be particularly desirable. My first moment of enlightenment came when I took in part ex, a 91 Civic VT. It had no power steering and looked much like all the other Civic models. When I took it for a test drive, Wow, I couldn't believe how fast it was. It looked just like all the old granny Civics but was an entirely different car altogether. It handled superbly and was a really 'hard' sports car. It was a real shock.

    Over the next year I discovered many of Honda's hidden nuggets. Some were sold in very small numbers. The Accord 2.0I-16 (using the twin cam Prelude engine) was fast, smooth, quiet and had everything on it. I have only ever seen 3 or 4 in all these years. The Legend thing started when I was asked to collect our new demonstrator Legend from Tilbury. It was a 1991 3.2 saloon in silver. As a young chap at the time I was a little overwhelmed by this car. I totally fell in love with it, and from that day forth I took every opportunity to take it out for a 'demo;. I sold 5 Legends in total, none of the other sales staff ever sold any!
    The ultimate Legend moment came when I was looking for a particular car for a customer. Via a stock exchange I collected a white 3.2 coupe and returned it to Sussex from Edinburgh. The journey was mostly at night and remains one of my favourite drives ever. I couldn't afford a luxury car at all back then, but vowed that one day I had to own one. I have never seen a white coupe ever again since, such a handsome beast.

    And so it came to pass that, after waiting for 27 years, I got myself a 46000 mile KB1 minter. Sometimes, folk say, that wanting something is better than having it, and that any long held aspiration is likely to be an anti-climax. I am pleased to report this is certainly not the case. The legend is everything I dreamt it would be, and a great deal more on top. I am totally smitten. It's so quiet, it feels very expensive all over, the controls, the gadgets, the engine. It really is a fabulous car. I am planning to drive it down to Naples in Italy later this year to celebrate my 60th birthday. Can't wait!
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    Great bit of history and great to know you have fulfilled your dreams. I have heard it many times too that never meet your childhood heroes as it can only end badly but your example proves sometimes its worth it and one should strive towards it.. I still love the look of Legend Coupe.
    And to be honest gives folks like me a bit of hope. My first Honda interaction was with a 87 Honda Civic GL followed up by 1989 Honda Integra EX16. To this day I think it had the most glorious sounding Twin-Cam I have every heard. My dream was to own atleast one Integra or Civic Type-R of the 90s but as I grew up I could see that even if they are a bit closer to budget, I cannot afford to insure them with a new licence so I sit here and they are all being modified to hell and beyond with original examples gaining value so much that in 5 years time they might once again be unaffordable. The newer gen cars are different, not the same screaming vtecs with mega-stepovers but after reading your bit I think there is still hope and one day I will get to own one, however briefly and I think I won't be disappointed as it will be worth the wait.

    Enjoy your dream!