Feedback/Help Why the hate for German cars?

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    This is a great site, with lots of well-informed contributors who have a wealth of experience of owning and servicing Hondas.

    However, there seems to be a strong undercurrent of vitriol towards German cars and their owners. Why is this? And why Audi and BMW in particular?

    I appreciate that virtually all one-make forums have a bit of banter, but some of the comments on here are really bitchy!

    Honda S2000
    Off-Topic - Parking ... the Audi driver way

    Hondas are good cars that can stand on their own merit. I don't get why we can't just be happy discussing our own cars, rather than complaining about other peoples' cars.
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    Hey @excel monkey, I hear you - there's a punch-bag within every group and here that role has fallen to the German manufacturers - for the cars themselves it's the unreliability, for the owners, well I guess everyone just notices the odd coincident that most people driving erratically on the road tend to be in expensive German cars - that's stereotyping 101, but I've got to admit, I see it too. Is it the car? No it's the fact that the two brands supply most of the business segment in the UK, they're company cars - and anyone who works in business knows it's a huge pool of egotism and self-importance (no offence to anyone)

    You've got to understand many people here found Honda because of their sheer frustration with unreliable and cheaply manufactured German cars.

    Whatcar Reliability Ratings for All Manufacturers

    PositionMakeAve MileageRIAverage Cost
    35Alfa Romeo47,095251£385.54
    37Land Rover52,733325£437.91
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    None taken. I sold my (privately owned) A4 last month :Smile:
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    As @DeviateDefiant says, a lot of it is the frustration that the media and so many drivers seem to be obsessed with (particularly) Audi/VW, and that the adulation seems so underserved once you scratch the surface.

    I've had German cars (VWs). As you may see elsewhere on here, they were utter rubbish, and I found Honda specifically because I was looking for something reliable, and without (what I consider) to be the negative image that goes with some of the German marques.

    I should add that I don't have anything against Mercedes (I actually quite like them) or BMW (sorry, all). I have a (BMW) MINI as my weekend car, and love it to bits...:Smile:
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    I'll quite happily tell everyone I love old Toyota and Nissan (90s) as well as Mitsubishi, would own any, but sometimes it feels like the crowd is against you on the site and everything's got to be Honda - but no-one's trying to attack at one another's preferences, they're just voicing their own and no-one's stopping them.

    As staff we have a fine balance to meet between allowing people free speech and an uncensored platform, versus telling everyone they can't say particular things because they might "offend one another", though we need to maintain good taste and a friendly environment - we're always trying our best to find the right balance and it's hard, it's a discussion had almost daily behind closed doors as threads get reported to the staff.
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    Definitely don't do that! Everyone's got their opinions, and a boring politically correct forum would be no fun.

    I was just trying to understand people's beef with Audi and BMW - whether Chris Bangle had spilt their pint once, or an Audi had run over their dog.
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  8. DeviateDefiant Co-Founder Staff Team

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    More than likely they've had bad experiences on the road with one of the vehicles or they've owned one and had a big bill. It could be neither and they're just joining the band-wagon :Whistle:

  9. Pottermus Valued Contributor ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    I've also got a German car, and I haven't had to replace anything on it for years.
  10. SpeedyGee Administrator Staff Team

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    I'm sure if you were to jump onto a German car site they'd be flinging banter about Jap cars.

    I started this thread Off-Topic - Parking ... the Audi driver way myself and I can tell you it was purely in jest and nothing else.

    Conversely, sometime back I posted something similar about a Honda driver and said look at this driver letting us Honda lot down and we had a laugh about that. Can't always discuss serious issues all the time.

    Let me put it another way, every now and then we get someone saying "Right guys, selling my Honda and getting a such and such make of German car".
    You never ever get a reply degrading the choice of car, it's always like "Nice one, congrats, all the best with you new car" etc etc

    Of course, you don't get many at all moving from a Honda to a German car :Whistle::Grin::Icecream:

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    A lot has to do with the misconception that German cars mean solid reliable cars which isn't always the case. I felt my old E39 525i was a lot more solid and better built than the newer E90 320d that I had and that German cars in general are now being designed to last the 3 year warranty period at least but why would the manufacturer care if they last for 20 years plus when people like to change their cars so often.

    Also one of the other things that might cause annoyance if the fact that a high percentage of people that drive new BMW's and Audi's really haven't got much of an idea of what they are driving whether its FWD, RWD etc and they are more concerned with the image they are trying to project in order to keep up appearances.
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    I'm actually a general petrol head myself, I love cars from most brands including German ones, but generally speaking I am a Jap car fan, I love everything about Japanese cars from the styling to the engineering and Honda has always been my life long favorite.

    But I do have a certain distaste of German cars, mainly due to the whole arrogance of everything they possess, from the faux engineering superiority, to the people who own them thinking they have something superior, to the press who will give any german car 5 stars regardless of how crap it is, and the arrogance of the brand themselves, I do love old Beemers though ones from the 80's and 90's and would like to own one of them some day, but would never own a Merc because I hate the image of them and well never an Audi cos I find them awful. If it wasn't German cars it would be something else in its place.

    If your a fan of something you are ultimately going to hate or dislike a rival, for example as a Liverpool fan I hate Manure, but I will still acknowledge the fact that they were a great team 90's and onwards, the same way BMW made some fantastic cars.
  13. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    Lair YOU don't you have a jerman made Ford. @excel monkey I will tell you as it is I hate German car end off no spin no need for tables, stats, charts, opinion & feedback. You will soon get over it.
  14. DeviateDefiant Co-Founder Staff Team

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    But haven't you been driving around a German car everyday for the past few months? :HobbyHorse:
  15. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    The joy of killing one and putting into it grave in itself is it own reward:angelic:, So that one of the soding things off the road. As for the current Insipid I can be rest assured once I had the key over it will be


    German cars love to be ripped apart just helping the service industry afloat.
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  16. RogerH69 Premium Member Club Supporter

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    In my years, I've had 1 French, 1 Italian, 1 German and a fair few Japanese cars. Not a single one of the Japanese cars gave me any issues whatsoever, whereas all the others did. My previous car, the Audi, cost me more in the first year of owning it on repairs, that what I paid for it. Granted, it was over 12 years old at the time, but then so is my Civic, and I've not had to spend that much on REPAIRS on my Civic (most of my costs have been voluntary).

    To be fair, I will admit that the Audi WAS nice to drive. When it was working. But I can get the same experience in an Accord.

    As others have said here, what gets me about German cars is how so many people are conned into believing the cars are better quality simply because they are made by a certain company. It;'s al about image because, if you drive that type of car, you MUST be better that the person next to you. Obviously. Come on. It's true. Why even argue.

    I agree that the issue is not really with the German cars themselves, it's more with the 'people' that drive them.
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    for me personally its the common factor and sheep effect.

    nearly all VAG are modified in similar ways with very little creativity being used, then the sheep effect others just copy what they have seen etc where as for other manufactures, jap mostly, the differences from car to car ranges greatly with people more willing to go out on a limp and be different.

    This alongside the reliability previously mentioned. Although it is mostly just banter and goes both ways
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    I have two friends who are/were Audi drivers, one had a admittedly beautiful 07 A3 Quattro, fully loaded and a fantastic car to drive several repairs along the way, but nothing to serious. Then the water pump catastrophically failed and the resulting overheat warped the head, and in total caused many thousands worth of damage it was never the same after the repairs and was pretty quickly sold on. The other lad has a 08 A4 estate again nice car, good to drive, but has always caused problems that were difficult to diagnose and expensive to fix for example glow-plugs that need to be brought to a specialist, mysterious leaking coolant and the odd electrical niggle. The nail in the coffin is the sheared tensioner pulley mentioned in my post, 3.5k miles after a timing belt change it snapped resulting in another trashed engine.

    I agree in part that it is the drivers that give the VAG brands a negative image as well.

    In all fairness it isn't just my love of Jap cars although I have yet to have a bad experience, one of the best cars I ever owned was a '89 Pontiac Bonneville SSEi, and I really wish I had the funds to get a pair of '69/'70 450 300SEL that I last saw in a shed as a project, it's just a bit of banter more than anything.
  19. Pottermus Valued Contributor ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    You may know a bit about Honda, but nothing about Fords. The Capri is about as German as an early laid towel on poolside sun lounger.