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    Wiggle Honda Women’s Pro Cycling team have dropped the Honda Accord Tourer as their support vehicle for the 2014 season. No surprises they have issued a press release see below and the new choice of European made cars

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    The European affair

    A selection of European-built Honda cars will support the Wiggle Honda Women’s Pro Cycling Team as they pedal their way through an action-packed calendar of international races and events during 2014.Honda will provide a mixture of Civic Tourers and CR-Vs in Wiggle Honda branding for the team to use as support vehicles; making the very most of the practicality and versatility offered by both models but with the power, performance, refinement and fuel economy needed for many thousands of miles on the road.

    Entering their second year, the Wiggle Honda Pro Cycling team will compete in the UCI Elite Women’s peloton, once again led by former two-time road World Champion from Italy, Giorgia Bronzini who took an incredible 17 victories last year.The prodigious talents of Great Britain’s World and Olympic Track champions Dani King, Joanna Rowsell and Laura Trott, along with World Track champion Elinor Barker and the talented Amy Roberts further provide strength and power in all areas. The team becomes even more international this season, with the former World Team Time Trial champion Charlotte Becker from Germany, starting her first full season with the team, as well as recent additions in Swedish champion Emilia Fahlin and former Spanish champion Anna Sanchis.

    With talented riders from across Europe and the globe in the team’s line-up - including World championship and Olympic medal winning athletes - coupled with the team’s strong presence in high profile race events and activities throughout the year, both Honda and the team are looking forward to another successful year.

    Wiggle Honda Women’s Pro Cycling 2014 rider line up
    Giorgia Bronzini (Italy) Three-time World Champion (@GiorgiaBronzini)
    Laura Trott (Great Britain) Double Olympic Champion (@LauraTrott31)
    Dani King (Great Britain) Olympic Champion (@DaniKing1)
    Joanna Rowsell (Great Britain) Olympic Champion (@JoannaRowsell)
    Linda Villumsen (New Zealand) National Champion (@LVillumsen)
    Charlotte Becker (Germany) World Champion (@lottibecker)
    Elinor Barker (Great Britain) World Champion (@elinorbarker)
    Emilia Fahlin (Sweden) National Champion (@EmiliaFahlin)
    Mayuko Hagiwara (Japan) Seven-time National Champion (@MayukoHagiwara)
    Rochelle Gilmore (Australia) Commonwealth Champion (@RochelleGilmore)
    Peta Mullens (Australia) National MTB XCE Champion (@PetaMullens)
    Anna Sanchis (Spain) National Champion (@annitasanchis)
    Emily Collins (New Zealand) National Champion (@EmilyCollins_NZ)
    Anna-Bianca Schnitzmeier (Germany) (@AnaSchnitzmeier)
    Amy Roberts (Great Britain) (@AmyRoberts94)
    Beatrice Bartelloni (Italy) (@beatricebartell)
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    Just to annoy HUK I am going to order my Honda Jazz GP1 Hybrid as soon as my company car is approved. Let see how many of the European fanboys come out and tempt me for a Swindon wagon. I am sure all the way from Lex Autolease and to the Honda dealer will attempt it as they all have sufficient bonuses at stake,
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    The more the merrier.... :Whistle: Is it possible get sick of telling people to p!ss off? :Rolf:
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    Could also be good opportunity to take the mickey out of them.... Well if people will talk nonsense they ask for it