Tyres & Wheels Will this space saver fit under boot floor of my 7th Generation tourer?

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    Hi folks,

    My other half pointed me in the direction of this article today .... Car manufacturers ditch spare tyres | Auto Express

    0% of new Hondas have a full size spare with only 14% carrying a space saver and 86% get a repair kit. I've read some of the discussion you've had here with the advice suggesting get a spare so with that in mind I've been looking firstly on ebay.

    My car (2005 Exec Tourer) has nothing not even a repair kit which I wouldn't attempt to use anyway - just a space under the boot floor that looks like it might be big enough to accomodate a space saver such as the one advertised here on ebay for £145..... GENUINE HONDA ACCORD TOURER SPACE SAVER SPARE WHEEL KIT 2003-2007 | eBay

    So clearly some 7th Generation Tourers did come with a space saver as standard. The area under the boot floor in my car does not have any way of fixing a bolt / bracket to secure a space saver so would that mean it won't accomodate a space saver? The tyre size on my car is 225/45 R17 - there's only 1 of these on ebay and its new so beyond my budget.

    Many thanks for any help ...... Jayne
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    Mike Bristol
    Hi I had the same issue and in the end bought a spare wheel on eBay for £60 this is to big to fit in the moulded section under the floor but if you lift this out the space left is the correct size for the wheel. One point do you have a jack and wheel brace in this space as mine was all located in a moulded package including compressed and the gunk for sealing the leak
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    The trim under the boot floor lifts out. Under this is the bracket to secure a space saver.
    Get a price from our affiliated dealer Holdcroft Honda for the space saver, they might beat that price. Their details are at the top of the web page.
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    Hi Guys,

    Thanks to you 2 for your replies. I haven't explored under the boot floor trim as you both suggest so in the morning I will have a look under there and see if I can locate the bracket to secure a space saver and maybe also a jack and wheel brace. That's good news that if i remove the trim I can fit a spare in there you would expect to be able to a car of that size and I'd much rather be carrying something than nothing. I'll also contact HH to see if they can beat the ebay price on the ebay space saver. Thanks again ..... Jayne.
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    Hurrah the Tourer is sorted for a new space saver - I lifted out the boot floor liner this morning and there's a full kit under there with jack, wheel brace, puncture repair kit, etc. all look like new and never used and a big well waiting to accomodate a new space saver. So have just phoned Holdcroft Honda and ordered a space saver to be delivered to my door on Monday for a total of £126.77 which is a great price and includes a discount for being a member of this very useful forum! That beats the space saver on ebay for £145 + delivery. Good work guys.... :Happy: Bye 4 now ... Jayne
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    Good result Jayne, godd old HH always comes trumps :Thumbup:

    The new 4th Generation CR-V has a space saver as standard the TRK is not recommended for the CR-V nor will it work whilst towing.

    It worth for the shed pulling owners on Accords to bear that in mind TRK kit will not work if you are lugging load.
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    It also won't work if you get a large puncture. I drove over a large slice of glass once in the gutter and it sliced the sidewall of the tyre open. No gunk was going to repair that.
    The EU should enforce that all manufacturers must include a spare, instead of worrying whether cucumbers are straight or not. TRK's should be the optional extra.
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    Mike Bristol
    Totally agree it must cost them less than £50 to put a spare wheel in
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    Great result Jayne. Also so you all know if you use the gunk (as we are calling it) to repair even a minor puncture, no tyre dealer will repair it as it makes too much mess inside the tyre and it's difficult for the repair to take hold fully because of the GUNK (don't you just love that word) oh I know this because my daughter used it once on her Clio 197 cost her £100+ for a new tyre when it would have only cost £10 for a repair. So my advice do like Jayne rip off the trimmings and buy a spare. Oh and don't use it on the front if you ever have to use it and it's a front tyre change it with a rear tyre and put the space saver on the rear. Better steering and braking.
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    Im pretty sure any space saver is pretty much universal and you wouldn't need to buy a specific 'honda accord' space saver. You would just need a space saver which is of the correct PCD. And just incase you didnt know(i just saw the above post mention this also:Blushing:), the space saver doesn't fit on the Accords with big brakes (i.e. petrol 2.4 accord, i'm not sure if the diesel has the same brake disc size as the 2.0 or 2.4, as i have the 2.4 and the manual says swap your rear wheel to the front then stick this thing on the rear!) And i remember this was the same scenario when I had my EP3 also as the tiny wheel simply wouldn't spin lol...
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    Hi Guys - That's a top tip MickyB of where to put the space saver, i.e. not on the front! It won't be me changing a tyre at the side of the road anyway coz I will just do that 'damsel in distress' thing :Sobbing:and call either the other half or the breakdown recovery man! I will be testing my other half when I see him at tea time to find out if he knows about this! And Johnny5 your point about the univerality of space savers - I'm not so sure on that as when I ordered mine from Holdcroft Honda the chap on the parts desk wanted my registration number so that he ordered the right space saver wheel so there are obviously some variations around. Thanks again 4 the contributions. Gotta get the lasagne in the oven now :Happy:.... bye Jayne