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    In November 2012, the new Honda Accord will be entering production. Sold as a 2013 model, it will be the newest generation for the Accord since 2008. The 2013 model will feature the previous 2.0-liter, 2.4-liter, and 3.5-liter options. Adding some spice to the lineup, Honda will be throwing in an electric-petrol hybrid version too. Power outputs are expected to range from 177 horse power for the 2.4-liter 4-cylinder to 272 horse power from the 3.5-liter V6. The hybrid version can make a 10-15 mile trip on full electric mode, but using it’s regenerative braking and occasional petrol you could achieve massively better mileage. It’ll take you 2 hours to fully recharge your hybrid from a 120-volt source or an hour from 240-volt sources. The ninth generation Accord will still be split into two different markets and two different body styles. Europe and Japan will receive one version, while US, China, and Asia will receive another. More details will be revealed later as the 2013 Accord will be rolling out of R & D at Honda within the next 6 months to a year.
    Just read this.i wonder what this gonna be like
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    The 3.5 litre sounds exciting. Something to challenge the higher output BMW's and Mercs perhaps.

    Good spot!
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    I don't think 3.5 V6 will be available here,thats for US market i think.
  4. Shades of Audi maybe.
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    Saloon looks good but looking forward to seeing the Tourer. Agree with Zoran, can't see there being a market here for the 3.5.
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    I think the only way it would exist would be as a hybrid perhaps.
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    A 3.5 V6 hybrid Accord would be cool.
  8. Particularly with a manual gearbox :Wink:
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    I would not rule out the 3.5 for for the UK yet. Honda are masters in reinventing themselves,like the the current 8th Generation Accord. Honda can easily clean up the emissions all it needs Honda to update the current version of the Honda VCM with increased volumetric efficiency coupled with the third generation IMA motors.

    Those emission can be brought down to the current Accord levels and with a Hybrid motor you can have low down performance, you can see Honda giving its customers a Lexus spec'd car.
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    The 9th Generation prototype is well past planning stages and is actively being designed and blueprinted as we speak. So to get an idea for owners who are planning to stay with the Accords to voice their suggestions?

    As for the 9th Generation coming to the UK, I would like to see the following

    • Petrol Cars given the same added features like the the diesel cars. 8th Generation Petrol sales have taken Honda by suprise so they should be given the same importance.
    • The drop of the current Type\Naming conventions of the Accord ES & ES GT ..its never caught on and it alien to Accord owners. Leave that to the other Honda ranges, revert to the old system or make a new system unique to the Accord.
    • Give high powered Diesel a new title Type-S was meant for Petrol cars from conception.
    • Performance Hybrid it time Honda used it engineering might and make the Accord a strong car with the multiple driving mode as seen on the CR-Z
    • DRL and HID standard on all Cars
    • Revert back to all Tourers to have electronic tail gates, The dropping of this features in the 8th gen just to the EX was a grave mistake.
    • The suspension on the 8th gen is great but make it better using the layout from the 7th gen , minimizing the tower struts into the cabin resulting in the same cargo hold as the 7th Generation.
    • DAB radio as standard
    • Advance Honda i-MID with SvRS integrated with visual aids pointing to service items .
    • ADAS on all accord as standard at no extra cost with ACL .

    get voting people.
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    I would like to see HID,ADAS,DAB and electronic tail gates standard on all cars but i can't see that happening any time soon.That is extras that make dealers money and we will always have to pay for that privilege.My car is EX model and don't have HID or ADAS or any other fancy gadgets.
  12. Drop links that can be removed without an Allen key.

    Satnav updatable without having to buy an expensive disc every year.
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  13. Availability of official Honda re-mapping including for the petrol.
  14. Turbocharged or supercharged petrol option.

    Getting carried away now lol.
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    Hover feature to avoid traffic jams in London. :Smile:
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    the oil changes it self?................errrrrrrrrr oh yeh! fuel filters are easyer to access!
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    Fuel filter that's a good one, put it at the front please !!!
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    I really doubt Honda or any other manufacturer will make servicing easier they don't want owners fixing them. Thats why they reinvent new factory tools to mitigate that potential, it also to give their dealers a steady stream of work.

    You will see value added features but not easy repairing methods, but if we all invested in good tool set and learn the right techniques you have no issues.

    Now coming back to the list realistically please.
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    I used to be a car mechanic trainee for the co-OP around 1970-73 on diesel lorries, morris minors,1100s, and 1800s. I remember the 2.0 litre ford transit (petrol) being a particular favourite of mine. When I see how technology has progressed with regards to engines I am astounded. That 3.0 v6 is just amazing and I want one!! :Grin: All credit to Honda for their amazing development!
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    I would like to see improvements in the satnav and HFT. A 3d type display like a TomTom and maybe back to a touchscreen.

    Better intergration of the HFT with the bluetooth phone so that it at least displays the callers name. Speaking a text message and the ability to send text messages would be great but I might be asking for too much there.
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