Bulletins & Advisories Wind Noise or Rattle from the Soft Top Striker- 00/01YM Honda S2000

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    Honda issues the follwing TSB#HUK000000000190 for all AP1 for 2000 & 2001 year models MY00 & MY01

    The Symptoms
    A rattle/knocking or wind noise may be heard from the roof area when driving.

    The Cause

    Premature wear of the soft top striker allows an increase in clearance between components. This clearance may produce either a rattle/knocking or wind noise.
    The hardness of the material from which the striker is manufactured has been increased.
    Application to Production Line

    Affected VIN Range

    JHMAP1***YT000001 - JHMAP1***YT999999
    JHMAP1***1T000001 - JHMAP1***1T999999

    Repair Method
    If a customer complaint is received replace both of the striker assemblies with countermeasure strikers, as described
    on page 20-43 of the S2000 workshop manual.

    AP1 stricker.
    Parts Information
    Part name: Striker assy., hard top (02YM)
    Part number: 86270-S2A-902