Body, Paint & Styling Windscreen Seal Rust & Corrosion

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    Hi Everyone.
    New owner of a 2.0 grey 2005 FR-V SE. Love it but have a half inch strip of bubbling paint and associated rust which stretches the entire length of the top edge of the windscreen seal. Anyone else suffer this or just me! Any idea how much to sort? Doesnt look too deep yet so want to sort it ASAP. Appreciate any help thanks jim:Smile:
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    Hi ans welcome could you post an image of the rust?
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    hi and sorry no photo as the wife has taken it out tonight. Took it to a local Fix Auto centre (Honda approved) today for a quote. Fix screen top and scabs on rear arches. Blend arches and repaint whole roof. £780 all in. Said it was quite common on hondas and if car had full honda service history(it doesnt) they would prob do it on good will. Rear pads, discs and a drop link fitted today by a mechanic mate FOC did tracking too, which was out and car feels great to drive now. Still got my scabby roof though!
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    Hi, After a week of ownership i am very happy with the FR-V. Tax on 2.0 petrol is v high at £260 for 12. Kids and wife (main driver) love it but i have some concerns. The car has spent a fair time by the sea i would say due to the amount of surface corrosion on underside (and windscreen surround!). Can anyone recommend a rust killer which might be suitable for exhaust parts including the catalytic converter. Its only surface rust at mo but those things are over 1K from honda dealer so could do with preserving the one i've got!
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    Bump for both members to post images of this rust on the windscreens.
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    Pics as requested!! Arches: both are similar. Windscreen top edge and catalytic converter. Anyone elses similar for a 2005 car or is mine unique!(in a bad way):Frown:

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    Please have a read of the post how to inset the images. As for the corrosion on the front arches well that due to lack of washing and getting rid of caked on mud. The cat the rust is acceptable as it constantly getting hot and cold and is exposed to water all the time.

    The rust spiders on the top rubber would lead me to believe there has been some sort pervious repairs? Any clues ?

    you should approach your nearest Honda dealer to get a claim going.
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    The body shop man did mention it was something he had seen before due to ill fitting factory fit windscreen seal. He phoned two local Honda dealers and said if it had FULL honda service history they would do it out of good will. Do you think i should visit dealer myself and pursue it further even though i do not have very much history. Serviced by Honda paisley for first three (free) years then nothing??

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    Could you explain what you mean re: making a claim at Honda dealer?
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    So are you saying the front windscreen had been replaced? Or that some sort of repair has been done in this area?

    Yes, you should take it up with your dealer, that is some bad rust spiders below the paint.
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    Not sure what the forum policy is on resurrecting old threads, but I thought it makes sense to post here...

    I've got a similar issue with rust above the windscreen, I've got a pic here:

    2015-05-25 13.09.15.

    I don't have a full Honda service history, have got it serviced by a local indy since I bought the car.

    Doing some digging on t'internet I came across this thread on another forum for Civics, they suggested that calling Honda UK would be a good first point of action. Honda UK customer services told me to go to the local dealer and get them to file the issue and that they'd be able to look into it.

    So I went to the dealers yesterday and got them to submit the pics, I'm currently waiting with crossed fingers to see if there's anything they can do.

    I've also got rust on the rear hatch here which I've asked them to consider too...

    2015-05-25 13.09.32. 2015-05-25 13.09.46.

    A local body shop quoted approx £400 for the roof panel plus the cost of taking the windscreen out, and around £300 for the rear hatch...
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    Be interesting to see what they say.
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    My FR-V has a similar issue (didn't spot it when I looked at the vehicle when buying it). A mechanic some of my mates use had a look and said it was a problem on Hondas and when he worked in a Honda dealership did quite a few repairs of that issue. I too don't have full Honda service history so wasn't sure what to do with it. Not fussed about what it looks like so would settle for it just being resealed so it doesn't get worse.
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    I discovered this exact same issue today while blacking the windscreen trim (Auto-Glym products are the business BTW). I'm going to try my luck with Honda Customer Services on Monday. I'm in the same boat as PASMITH above. Hopefully there is a picture attached below showing the issue. The slight streaking above the bubbling is where I haven't yet buffed off the Trim Blacker. WP_20150912_004.