Body, Paint & Styling Windscreen Side Trim Lifting Honda Accord 2009 year models

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    Following up on this similar thread on the community Pre-Facelift Model - Front Windshield Side Garnish detached • Honda Karma Honda Motor Co Ltd has determined it necessary to conduct a Product Update (PUD) on certain 2009 year models Honda Accords.

    The number of potentially affected vehicles which will require checking in the UK is above eight thousand.
    Honda (UK) will be writing to the registered owners of affected vehicles informing them of this campaign. The
    letter will inform the owner that if they feel there is a concern with the exterior windscreen trims on their
    Accord they can contact their preferred Honda dealer to have the vehicle inspected. If the owner does not feel
    there is a problem the inspection can be left until the vehicle is next due to be taken to a Honda dealer, for
    example the next annual service or annual corrosion inspection. Due to the variation in potential required parts, and
    vehicle colour codes it will not be possible for Honda to hold stock of parts for this PUD. So if you car is affected there can be a slight delay in getting the parts for the fix, you are urged to be patient :Smile:

    The following vehicles are affected

    ModelModel CodeModel Year
    SaloonCU1, CU2 & CU32009
    TourerCW1,CW2 & CW32009

    The Symptoms

    Windscreen side trim lifts, feels loose or may cause a vibration noise when driving at speed.

    The Cause

    Poor adhesion between the windscreen side trim retainer and heat curable tape which was caused by the
    finish of the retainer surface.

    The Overview to parts and dealer functions.

    Honda (UK) will contact the owners of vehicles affected by this PUD campaign by letter.
    Honda have already advised dealers to check the used stock vehicles they must be inspected before handover and any 2009 year model Accords being brought to any dealership for any reason should be checked for being affected by this PUD.

    Parts Information
    • Windscreen Side Trim Retainer A : P/N 91573-TL0-305
    • Windscreen Side Trim Retainer B: P/N 91574-TL0-305
    • Plastic Slide Clip, Left: P/N 73163-TL0-E01
    • Plastic Slide Clip, Right: P/N 73153-TL0-E01
    • Right Side Trim Kit:

    (Includes windscreen side trim, three windscreen side trim retainers A, and one windscreen side trim retainer B
    and one plastic slide clip)

    P/N 73152-TL0-305ZA (B536P)
    P/N 73152-TL0-305ZB (B-538M)
    P/N 73152-TL0-305ZC (B-553P)
    P/N 73152-TL0-305ZD (NH-624P)
    P/N 73152-TL0-305ZE (NH-731P)
    P/N 73152-TL0-305ZF (NH-736M)
    P/N 73152-TL0-305ZG (NH-737M)
    P/N 73152-TL0-305ZH (NH-743M)
    P/N 73152-TL0-305ZJ (R-530P)
    P/N 73152-TL0-305ZK (R81)

    • Left Side Trim Kit:
    (Includes windshield side trim, three windscreen side trim retainers A, and one windscreen side trim retainer B
    and one plastic slide clip)

    P/N 73162-TL0-305ZA (B536P)
    P/N 73162-TL0-305ZB (B-538M)
    P/N 73162-TL0-305ZC (B-553P)
    P/N 73162-TL0-305ZD (NH-624P)
    P/N 73162-TL0-305ZE (NH-731P)
    P/N 73162-TL0-305ZF (NH-736M)
    P/N 73162-TL0-305ZG (NH-737M)
    P/N 73162-TL0-305ZH (NH-743M)
    P/N 73162-TL0-305ZJ (R-530P)
    P/N 73162-TL0-305ZK (R81)

    • Konishi Bond SL211B: P/N 08999-TL0-PASTEHE (one tube repairs about two vehicles)

    The Repair Method

    1. Starting at the top, work your way down to remove the windscreen side trim (A) from the retainers using the
    appropriate KTC or equivalent trim tool.
    NOTE: Make sure you do not damage the rubber seal (B) on the windscreen side trim.

    Image 1 AOCUK Bulletin No SN-08-009-00.

    2. Slide the trim up to release it from the bottom clip (A)

    Image 2 AOCUK Bulletin No SN-08-009-00.

    3. Inspect the bottom clip retainer tabs on the windscreen side trim.

    -If the bottom clip retainer tabs are broken or stress whitened, discard the trim and use a new windscreen side trim to complete the repair, then go to step 9.
    -If the bottom clip retainer tabs are OK, go to step 4.

    NOTE: The new windscreen side trim comes with new retainers and a bottom plastic clip.

    Image 3 AOCUK Bulletin No SN-08-009-00.

    4. Inspect the trim for retainers (A). If any retainers are attached, bend the tabs (B) out to remove them from
    the trim, and discard retainers.

    Image 4 AOCUK Bulletin No SN-08-009-00.

    5. Inspect the windscreen side trim for broken or cracked bridges (A). If a bridge is broken or cracked, use diagonal cutters and trim it as shown.

    Image 5 AOCUK Bulletin No SN-08-009-00.

    6. Remove the plastic bottom clip (A) on the vehicle by turning it 90 degrees. If the bottom clip is damaged
    or stress-whitened, replace it.

    Image 6 AOCUK Bulletin No SN-08-009-00.

    7. Reinstall the plastic bottom clip (A) onto the windscreen side trim (B). Make sure the projection (C) on the clip points up.

    Image 7 AOCUK Bulletin No SN-08-009-00.

    8. Clean the trim with a shop towel dampened with 3M general purpose cleaner or isopropyl alcohol. Keep oil, grease, and water from getting on the bonding surface.

    9. Inspect the retainers (A) on the vehicle:

    -If any retainers are missing or loose, go to step 11.
    -If any retainers are firmly attached to the A-pillar, remove any plastic trim pieces (B) from them with a flat-tip screwdriver. Go to step 10.

    Image 9 AOCUK Bulletin No SN-08-009-00.

    10. Bend the tabs (A) on the retainers back into place as shown.

    Image 10 AOCUK Bulletin No SN-08-009-00.

    11. Remove any loose retainers or adhesive from the body:

    -Using a heat gun (A), heat the retainer (B) or adhesive to 212°–248°F (100°–120°C). Avoid damaging the paint by applying heat gradually.
    -Use a plastic scraper (C) to remove the loose retainer or glue from the body.
    -Be careful not to scratch the body.
    -While applying heat, use the plastic scraper to remove any double-sided tape that may be stuck to the A-pillar.
    Image 11 AOCUK Bulletin No SN-08-009-00.

    12. Clean the bonding surface on the body with a shop towel dampened with 3M general purpose cleaner or
    isopropyl alcohol. After cleaning, keep oil, grease, and water from getting on the bonding surface.

    13. Cut the Konishi Bond applicator tip to a diameter of 6 mm.

    Image 13 AOCUK Bulletin No SN-08-009-00.

    14. Apply a thin layer of Konishi Bond (A) to the entire bonding surface on each new retainer (B) as shown.

    Image 14 AOCUK Bulletin No SN-08-009-00.

    15. Install the new retainers in the locations (A) where the original retainers were removed, and allow the
    Konishi Bond to cure for 15 minutes before going to the next step.

    Image 15 AOCUK Bulletin No SN-08-009-00.

    16. As a guide, lay the windscreen side trim (A) down next to the retainers (B) before applying the Konishi

    Image 16 AOCUK Bulletin No SN-08-009-00.PNG

    17. Starting at the bottom, apply a bead of Konishi Bond between each retainer, and into any retainer where the windscreen side trim bridge location was cut out. Make sure the bead is at least 5 mm high.

    Konishi Bond adhesive begins curing with exposure to moisture in the atmosphere. Do step 18 immediately after applying the adhesive. If the bridges are in place without any problems (B),not apply Konishi Bond (A) to the retainers (C). If any bridges are missing (D), apply Konishi Bond onto the retainers as well (E).

    Image 17a AOCUK Bulletin No SN-08-009-00.
    Image 17b AOCUK Bulletin No SN-08-009-00.

    18. Starting at the top, position the windscreen side trim to align the top retainer (A) between the trim alignment
    ribs (B). Firmly press the trim into the retainers and bottom clip hole until they click into place.


    -The trim will click into place only where the bridge on the trim is intact.
    -If you don’t confirm that the windscreen side trim has clicked into place, the repair will not be successful.

    Image 18a AOCUK Bulletin No SN-08-009-00.
    Image 18b AOCUK Bulletin No SN-08-009-00.

    19. Secure the trim with low-tack masking tape as shown.

    Image 19 AOCUK Bulletin No SN-08-009-00.

    20. Repeat steps 1 to 19 on the other side.

    -Allow the adhesive to cure a minimum of 12 hours before removing the tape from the vehicle.
    -Advise the client not to wash the vehicle for at least 12 hours.
    -To prevent the remaining Konishi Bond adhesive from curing in the tube, squeeze the tube from the bottom to remove any air before replacing the cap.
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  2. Av guy New Member Getting Started

    Good to know this! I took my 2009 tourer to Honda dealer Arnold Clark a yr after I bought it second hand at 18 months old, (car now 4) they told me the price to replace which I refused cost prohibitive, they did suggest I remove totally and refit with clear silicon. I have just redone this and all ok! I will revisit my new Honda dealer when I return from holiday. Thanks.
  3. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    Well in AC defense they would not have known about this TSB as it was announced today :Wink:

    Have a good holiday ..
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  4. Av guy New Member Getting Started

    Yea your right, I would have thought the would have replaced under warranty! But it's good to know the have recognised the fault now.

    our holiday is great thanks.
  5. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

    England CJ Leeds
    Honda are the first to acknowledge when things go wrong and quickly address them. Unlike the Germans who will hide away and brush it under the carpet and claim "Unsere deutschen enginnering saugt und wir wissen es aber halten still seine Kosten uns Geld"
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  6. sturgi Club Member ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    Car due a service next month so should get checked then, happy days.
  7. AccordCU2 Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    United Kingdom Brum
    Had an MOT today at Honda dealer and they kindly offered to change this for me FOC.
    Car booked for next Saturday for work to be done.Everyone please check yours and book it in.
  8. BanditSid Club Member ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    Same for me, the car was in for it's MOT and the garage called to say it had passed and when did I want to book it in for this's in a week on Monday for a couple of days.
  9. AccordCU2 Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    United Kingdom Brum
    Good stuff.Manager said to me car has to stay minimum of 8 hours but i can't leave it that long.He also said they will keep it till closing time on Saturday and then release it to me but i have to keep masking tape for the rest of the day on the car.Hopefully it will be ok.
    Hats off to Honda for doing this.
  10. demon-knight Club Member ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    Had to have mine done twice, once on the day I went to pick it up, just about to drive out with it and the wife noticed the trim was coming off. They did a rubbish job and it came off again shortly after.

    Had it done again but from a different dealer who did the job right and kept the car all day this time.

    So far so good.
  11. AccordCU2 Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    United Kingdom Brum
    Hmm now you got me worried a bit.Hope they do it right first time, don't really have time to go back and lose car all day.
  12. demon-knight Club Member ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    If your dealer is any good you should be ok, my dealer looked to be a bit rushed as it was a Saturday morning and lots of people were in picking up cars, either that or they were just rubbish.
  13. Deerfoot Junior Member ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    My `09 Tourer is having this done this Thursday at Salisbury Honda. I`ll let you know how I get on.
  14. AccordCU2 Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    United Kingdom Brum
    Please do.Hope they do a good job.
    Might print instructions and give it to the manager just in case.
  15. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

    England CJ Leeds
    no way Zoran this TSB is available to all dealers across Europe, just remind them to look it up..
  16. AccordCU2 Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    United Kingdom Brum
    I normally would taken it to HH and left it in their hands without worrying too much but am using local to me dealer in which i don't have too much confidence.
    Will definitely have a chat with him before i give him the keys.
  17. Mike c Valued Contributor ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

    United Kingdom Mike Telford
    This problem occurred on my 2009 accord when I owned it a couple of years ago. My local dealer , J T Hughes Telford , made no bones about it and cleared the refit with HUK. They stripped off the old ones ( both sided) and replaced them under warranty. Looked as good as new - in fact better as one of the original ones had a scratch on it.
    One important point is , don't expect the car back for several hours as it is recommended that the car is not used until the adhesive has fully cured. In my case they left it for around 3 hours.
    Mike c
  18. Deerfoot Junior Member ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    I wasn`t even aware of the issue until last Saturday.

    My car was in for a service and when I picked it up the service guy told me it was required. They`re having it on Thursday morning and I pick it up on Friday afternoon. They`ve put me in a Jazz for the two days, total cost to me is £10 for a damage waiver on the Jazz.

    I`ve dealt with Andy Nutall in Salisbury Honda before (I had an issue with vibration on my previous CR-V) and he was great.
  19. rhinogolf Valued Contributor ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

    recall on my i-DTEC

    Not sure if this has been covered got a call from Honda dealer regards to recall on my car, had just got up but it had something to do with plastic moulding around windscreen asked to have car for the day. I'm sure CJ will have more info
  20. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    Re: recall on my i-DTEC

    Hi mate

    I have posted about it moving to the existing thread which covers it.