Body, Paint & Styling Windscreen trouble

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    Thought I'd share this with you, it has kept myself busy the last 2 months, yes 2 months.

    I had the windscreen replaced by the dealer last year, twice they attempted it after purchase before the top strip flew off on the motorway and after a lot of hassle and a cost to them of over £2k it was sorted. New windscreen, trims and painted roof!

    Anyway sorted at last, or so I thought.

    Enter car sat outside mates house and neighbour keen to get to gym and bump into the front of my car. Windscreen fine.
    Car fixed, picked up to find crack in screen. Nobody wanting to own up or pay but I got excess from garage in the end and went through my insurance company.

    They phoned Autoglass

    Knowing issues I'd had I took it to depot to make sure they knew what they were doing and show them problematic side trims.

    No bother he said appointment booked

    He phoned day of visit and said sorry we didn't know it needed trims, erm yes you did as it was you who stood next to the car with me. I'd taken his name at the time.

    They then ordered red trims ( car is polished metal )

    After wait another appointment, turned up, I've got the trims he said. Then he cleaned new windscreen and enlightened me to the fact they now don't have too trim, doh

    Lucky the old screen was still in.

    Next time failed appointment

    Another booked

    This time both trims and top trim

    Windscreen taken out, new screen fitted, oh bother the trims are both left side, oh my gosh I said

    I waited another 2 weeks and nothing, I phoned again to be told job closed as complete. I said sorry it isn't I'm waiting for the trims. They phoned back to say you still need the screen fitted, oh my god. I replied no it's in I just need the trims

    Anyway, black, red, blue, silver trims later they got the correct ones in

    I still had to go to the depot to see if they'd turned up after more than a week as I'd not heard a thing and they found them in the back of the depot

    7 visits/ appointments later it is now sorted and I've got my excess back as gesture of good will

    Whey hey

    This is the short version of this story

    Basically ever since I've had the car, 18 months or so now this bloomin windscreen has been an absolute nightmare, what a stupid design and I guess as not many of the cars about people haven't got a clue how to fit them

    Here's to stone chip free motoring

    I maybe shouldn't have said that :Smile:
  2. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    Its a case of people not knowing what they are doing it not a design fault mate.
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    I personally think it is bud I'd have to disagree with you for the first time ever I think

    I've seen this screen in and out so many times now, I've always stayed and watch everything every fitter has done. 3 Honda dealers and 4 fitters

    My dealer made such a mess they had to paint the roof and pillars and to make sure they didn't come off and used what looked like an entire tube of tiger seal which made getting them off a nightmare


    The clips have to be in exactly the right place to the mm with no guide of were to put them

    You have one chance to fit the part, if you pull it off the clips have very small part in the centre that breaks off so you have to re fit the clips again

    This is about the only car with this set up and there are other ways to have designed the screen without them
  4. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    If they haven't fitted the correct clips and trims this will happen, which you have suffered. The PUD with the lifting trim was that !! How confident are you they used the correct part , procedures and clips .

    You need to appreciate these fitters are not not privy to the information Honda dealers and technicians are , not mention the training so it's the blind leading the blind. As for why The Accord has it the trims, it look nicer it's colour painted with the glass and looks great, that extra lip is to stop water splatter in high spray or heavy rain conditions but you didn't know that .. the 7th Generation suffers from that they addressed in the 8th Generation.

    Its easy complain but you should have taken to a Honda body shop not autoglass.The galss and the trims need 24 hours in above 22 degree C to set if it done below that temperature the seals won't set .
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    Hope I'm not about to suffer a similar ordeal, a while back I had a letter from Honda (like many others) to explain there was a recall on the windscreen trims, took it in and trims replaced, they explained they had to apply strips of tape across the trims to hold in position until the glue set which I had to leave on for 24 hours, instructions followed and all ok.

    Got a bad chip in the windscreen last week so called Autoglass and paid my £75 excess and arranged fitting for earlier today, I explained in great detail about the trims and that they were replaced a while back and set in position with glue by the dealer, all ok no problem they said.

    Fitter arrived this morning along with correct coloured trims, I explained everything to him and made a point of mentioning the trims were glued in, I left him to it whilst I went back into the office, he called me 15 mins later and told me he had bad news and to come outside, basically when he removed the trims they broke along with the securing clips so it was impossible to fit the new trims and job called off. The trims were literally glued to the clips meaning it was inevitable they would break, I don't understand this, is there not a better way???

    Next step is they order new clips from Honda then rearrange the job and fit everything, in the meantime my car looks awful minus the trims! I'm concerned the clips appear to only stick on to the body by adhesive strips and wonder about the overall security of the trims when finally fitted. The fitter did explain the remaining clips were no good as caked in hard glue and parts of clips would have to be removed on the next visit and the area cleaning up to allow the new clips to be applied. Am I right to not feel confident on this?
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    That's why autoglass suck they are good for bread and butter cars any cars with a advance complex design they are dumb @sses.
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    My insurance company state who the car goes to and won't allow me to, why would I pay about a grand for screen and fitting when it's included in my policy

    I spoke to 3 Honda dealers and each said they would call Autoglass

    Honda approved repairer who fixed the car also use guess who yes Autoglass

    The dealers I spoke to state they always get professionals in to change windscreens like Autoglass as their technicians aren't trained for windscreen replacement

    Might be up to dealer to sort training out with Honda I don't know but this is state of fact with my car as I looked into it before the screen was done due to what I've heard about these and with my others coming off the car

    Autoglass did get the screen, fixings and trim all from Honda dealer
  8. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    Mate I have heard some bullshit in my life and that is one of the top of the list. Insurance companies cannot dictate which repairers you can use you the consumer can chose they cannot do that. Professional and autoglass :gotcha::gotcha: the fact the dealers have not sent their techinacan to the honda institute for bodyshop training doesn't make the not across the honda dealership in the UK.
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    I'll give you my ins info you phone them and ask! This isn't made up bullshit but you're never wrong so I suppose I must be
    Sorry for reply but I know what I've been told and the dealers stating they get Autoglass glass in is their words not mine
    I'll meet you at my dealers if you like bud
  10. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    I can't speak to your insurance bud due to DPA and I have had my cars repaired at honda bodyshop after being threatened by my insurere we won't approve it and they evenutually pay it when you tell them about the ombudsmen.You going to tell me a insurer will not approve a bill from a approved manufacturer bodyshop.?They use these tactics to save money for themselves and they can get a cut of the bodyshop margins in parts and labour, which they can't in a approve bodyshop you use.
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    Update - still waiting for a call from Autoglass! Called them at the weekend to chase up and they promised to call back but haven't. Presume they don't have the clips yet.
  12. Nottstourer Junior Member ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    Further update - New windscreen clips/trims finally fitted yesterday.
    After approx 6 weeks driving around without trims and exposed broken clips it's a relief. It's a long exhausting story but as others will tell you Autoglass are an absolute disgrace.
  13. Nels Moderator Staff Team

    I'm pleased you're finally sorted @Nottstourer and I am not surprised with your opinion of Autoglass. :telloff: