Body, Paint & Styling Wiper speed poor?

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    I noticed recently that the wiper speed on my 2008 I-CTDI is quite poor. Even at max speed, they just don't clear enough water off the windscreen. On occasion i have had to pull over:Sobbing:. Perhaps this is just the design but it would be nice if i could speed them up a bit more especially coming into winter...
    Anyone else have any issues with this?
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    Maybe that's a sign you need to slow down :Smile:

    Seriously though, last week was coming back from Nottingham and at one point the rain was just unbelievable. Everyone slowed down to 40-50 to be able to see anything. I rarely have to use the fast mode, and if I do it does usually suffice. But at some point it's just to heavy for any wipers I think.
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    Nothing to do with the speed i was moving at I'm afraid.Even at slug pace with wipers at max i had to pull in as i mentioned above. I wouldn't even consider the rain as unusually heavy. I would prefer to have more visibility given i live in quite the wet little country .Never had any issues with previous cars in this regard.. But the wipers definitely oscillate considerable slower than my wife's corolla and other cars I've driven.
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    When were your wiper blades last changed?

    Mine we're pretty bad, I could see out in drizzle, changed for new pair massive difference.

    I find they only last 2 years max.
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    Could be definitely worth a try.. They seem in pretty good nick . Not sure when they were changed last. Not since I got it back in may anyway. Just before that the car was serviced by Honda per the book but I suppose that doesn't impose them to swap them out.
    Thanks Richsprint
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    Diamond Brite anti rain

    I use the above its excellent. It repels train water, makes it bead up and roll off the screen. It's ideal at this time of year. Combine it with a new set of blades and you'll see a huge improvement. Ideally get the glass cleaner too, use that first then apply the rain treatment. Also when it comes to polishing off the treatment for best results dampen a paper towel wipe it over the glass then buff dry with a clean dry paper towel. Re apply as necessary.
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    When I said I use the above I was referring to the title I put on the thread which is not showing. I'm talking about the diamond Brite train treatment and glass cleaner.
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    Re: Diamond Brite anti rain

    Great advice Grahame, will add this to my shopping list!:Thumbup:
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    It might be worth comparing your wiper speed to a different accord and see if yours operate slower.
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    Might give that a try Doc.. Don't know that many Accord owners over here though. Might seem like an odd request to a stranger :Wink: would be funny though!
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    RainX is also good a product.