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    A curious post this one.

    I have a persistant and annoying problem with the drivers side wiper blade on my Accord. It leaves a rainbow shaped arc of untouched water from resting position to the side of the screen and it's right in my line of sight.

    I know the obvious answer is a worn wiper blade, my suspicions also so I trundled to my dealer and purchased a shiny new one - SAME PROBLEM

    Now I an wondering if I have an imperfection in the screen itself ( I hope, this weekend and snow permitting) to be able to use some Glass T-CUT Polish on the screen in the hope that any minor imperfections can be cut away, however if this proves a useless exercise then my next point of focus will be the wiper arm itself.

    I am thinking that it may be ever so slightly bent out of shape reducing the pressure on the end of the blade resulting in an ineffective swipe of the glass.

    Was just wondering if anyone else may have experienced something similar or could throw some ideas into the pot.

  2. d3v1an7 New Member Getting Started

    I would suggest you have a look at the arm before buying t-cut. will cost you less in the long run.
    check the spring for that arm also, as it is its return position that holds it onto the screen.
    if the spring looks ok then perhaps try putting a small bend in the arm.
    if that fails, try t-cut.
    then if that fails you may need to look at getting a new wiper arm.
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    I already have the glass T-CUT (bought it after I scratched my shiny new watch, got the scratch out a treat but took a lot of elbow grease)

    I will check the arm, I've had a brif look at it and it's quite a sturdy bit of metal so not sure if I'll be able to adjust it at all, the spring is a possibility I hadn't thought of though so I'll check that and the arm first before I go at the screen with the T-CUT
  4. richsprint Account Closed. ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

    Might have some dirt, dried fly or a chip in the glass on that arc which is causing the smear.
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    I had this issue on my old car.

    New wiper blade arm is the quickest remedy. don't forget, weather than very easily warp them but we don't always think it - we almost always assume the blade has had it.


    Missed out the key word in bold! #Mybad :telloff:
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    The blad is new purchased only a couple of months back and, it did the exact same thing straight away so I know it's not the blade this time, wish it was, it's an easy fix then.

    If it is an imperfection or dirt on the screen it must be deeply imbedded I've religiously polished the glass and applied Diamond Brite rain treatment so I would have hoped that in so doing I would have removed any in ground dirt. It isn't a stone chip the glass has no scratches or chips in it at all and the smear/untouched area/arc is about 1.5 to 2 inches wide.

    I'm sure it's more likely to be a problem with the arm not applying the correct pressure on the blade, if I can't fix it I'll take it back to the dealer as I only got the car in September last year and it's still under the years used car warranty it came with.
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    The wiper arms on the 8th Generation are substantial and well made, so I be suprised if its that, as long as the spring is still working, and the previous owner didnt open the bonnet onto up wiper arms or something.

    Let us know what it was when the dealer works it out.
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    It's been sorted out by my dealer, I popped in there on Saturday booked it in for yesterday. I apologised when I dropped it off as it was filthy inside and out I felt embarrassed about it.

    Anyway collected it after work, they told me they'd checked the wiper arm - all good there, spring tension was good also, screen free of any blemishes or contamination that could cause it - problem - faulty wiper blade (it was a new one too that I purchased from them only 2 months back.

    Not yet had chance to test it as it was dry on journey home and as they cleaned it for me free of charge inside and out I was reluctant to go and spoil the clean shiny roof by spraying windscreen wash on a clean windscreen.

    Pretty sure it'll be OK will test it when I next use it, probably at the weekend snow permitting of course.
  9. YorkshireAlan Premium Member Club Supporter

    United Kingdom Alan Hertfordshire
    I have exactly the same problem with my January 2014 Accord Tourer EX. The driver's side blade left the same arc and I put up with it all summer before going to my dealer and asking for a replacement under warranty. They wouldn't give me one so I had to buy a new one and I have exactly the same problem from day 1. It is going in for service this months so I will ask them again. It looks like a design fault in the wiper and I would like to know if there are after-market substitutes. Any ideas, anyone? I never had a wiper problem with my 2005 Accord.
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    A few members on the other forum have had this problem. I did too and Denso wiper blades from Eurocarparts solved it.
  11. YorkshireAlan Premium Member Club Supporter

    United Kingdom Alan Hertfordshire
    Thanks very much. I just ordered one. I'll pick it up tomorrow as there's a branch a mile away.
  12. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

    England CJ Leeds
    Not on a 8th Generation mine are prefect the 7th Generation ones are hit and miss
  13. ampers Club Member ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    Well, from what I've read, 7th Generation.are fine but 8th.Gen. can be problematic, but then again I could be wrong.
  14. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

    England CJ Leeds
  15. Kieren Shepherd Club Member ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    I have the same problem too, it spans from the top to the bottom of the screen on the drivers side though, on my way to "Halfrauds" (haha) to get some new blades.

    I've always bought Bosch Aeroblades, any others that are good?
  16. YorkshireAlan Premium Member Club Supporter

    United Kingdom Alan Hertfordshire
    I just bought two Bosch Aeroblades and they are just the job - completely clear wipe, and quiet too. The Denso had an unwiped area so I wouldn't recommend it. Thanks for the tip, Kieren.
  17. Nighthawk Guest

    United Kingdom Richard T Milton Keynes
    I use the Aeroblades, find them really good. The OEM wipers would turn hard after a year if I left the car out in the cold too much.
  18. Racy Jace Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    United Kingdom Jason Dudley, UK
    I've still got the bosch aero twin on my 8th Generation. They've lasted longer than the Honda ones ever did but they still look cheap compared to them. I might get a set of Honda ones again just for summer use.
  19. SpeedyGee Administrator Staff Team

    England Speedy Birmingham
    Odd you say that about the Honda ones, my Honda ones have been on more than a year and are still going. They will get me through this winter certainly, that will bring them up to nearly a year and a half in service, which isn't bad.

    I also used genuine Honda ones on my wifes Civic but I can't remember when I put them on, I have noticed that they seem to have a judder but I think that's because the windscreen needs a thorough clean.