Body, Paint & Styling Wipers Blade, Generation 8

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    Hi All,

    I had a quick look and I don't think this question was asked before; what wiper blades are suitable for the generation 8 tourer? Also how are they fitted.

    I've had my tourer for three weeks and its great.... really getting used to it. fuel economy approx 48.5mpg


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    Hi James,

    it relatively easy

    First lift the wiper arms off the windscreen , Then Pull up and hold the tab (A), and slide the wiper blade assembly (B) toward the tabs until it releases from the wiper arm (C). You may want to squirt a bit of penetrating fluid once the flap is up to aid the easy wiper blade removal from the arm.

    Wiper removal AOCUK 8th gen .JPG

    As for which blades to go for stay well clear of German made wipers !!:lol: You can get great prices of original Honda wipers from Holdcroft Honda.
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    Hi there, most Honda dealers will do the original equipment blades for around £20 a pair, or I think Holdcroft Honda will do them for £18 inc postage.

    Best to stick with original equipment as you'll notice they are a special aero design. They will last 2 years, where as cheapers ones only a year.

    You can get rear tourer wipers on Ebay for around £8 inc postage. rear on is just a push fit.
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    Hi All, Thanks for the great advice, eventually got the correct wiper blades from a local honda dealer
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    Also look best
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    I had thought that 8th Generation Accords came with the new style flat wiper blades, as i had seen a few with these on.
    However the car i'm picking up soon has a standard design wiper blade (although more heavily supported and covered than on other cars).

    Was this a change during the facelift or was the Accord never fitted with OEM flat wipers?

    Cheers, Mark.
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    Same even on my 2013 CR-V....!
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    Gotcha guys.
    I won't be trying out flat wiper blades then, i tried some aftermarket ones for the Alfa and they juddered so bad i gave them away to someone on the forum.
    The seller had suggested i bend the wiper arm around a bit until it worked better...
    Cheers, Mark.
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    in my case, I've fitted BOSCH A532, since i got it so cheap from my company and even though i usally don't recommend BOSCH, i must say they are GREAT! Silky smooth and quiet. it also looks better than any other aftermarket (notice , not OEM) wipers, since its the modern aeroblades.