Woman sues Honda over hybrid claims

Discussion in 'News Feeds' started by Independent, Tuesday 17th Jan, 2012.

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    Civic-Hybrid. A woman who expected her high-tech hybrid to be a high-mileage machine wants car maker*Honda*to pay for not delivering the 50mpg it promised.
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    She hasn't got a cat in hells chance of getting anything out of Honda.

    That car WILL do 50+MPG in the correct environment. You will just struggle do it out on our roads with our traffic/driving conditions without adapting how you drive the car.

    I've got 60mpg out of our Hybrids when I've tried. Which is where the Insight coaching system comes in to play.
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    I doubt it too but in America anything is possible, taking on big corporation is the norm. It will be settled out of court Honda won't want the bad publicity.if the claimant wins no doubt there will be a gagging order in how it is handled.. but the question remains will it stop people making similar claims, if she can do it so can I syndrome.

    Time are hard and desperate times calls for desperate measures..
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    Honda's appealing though.
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    Can i sue Honda as well,on little spirited drive yesterday i only managed 18 MPG:eek:
  8. I salute you sir...life is for living.
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    The article states 51 MPG on a highway and 46mpg in city driving. While I doubt she would ever get 46 in city driving, she only got 28 MPG on a highway which is extremely poor. How is it not possible to get 51 MPG on a highway in a hybrid Civic?? My diesel accord has recorded over 60 on occasion! She must have drove everywhere with her foot planted to the floor.

    I can see Honda having the last laugh on this though. After demonstrating what is considered to be an 'acceptable' driving technique.
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    We went out for a run yesterday in the Focus. Did a total of 150 mile and it averaged 34mpg which I was pleased with for a 2.5 turbo!
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    Isn't the US gallon much much smaller than the UK gallon?