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Discussion in 'Lounge & Gossip' started by Toggerefc, Friday 4th Oct, 2013.

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    Hello glad to be back. Been busy having lots of fun. Doing plenty of tough miles in my ACCORD. Pushing her a bit to far I think. Even though she gets serviced every 6,000 I have a feeling she needs rest. My baby has just passed the 50k mark which I realise is nothing to a HONDA .However there are tell tale signs that things are not too well. There is a humming or groaning sound coming from one of my wheels I think it could be the rear. Also the radiator fan keeps coming on and off all the time. Time to start putting some love back I think. I do realise that the fan should go on and off but it also is making a sort of groaning noise any advise guys and gals.
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    The fan will go and off if you have the climate control on that normal. As for noises well all cars makes them just locating that noise is the key.
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    Thanks for the quick response Ichiban. The bearing I can sort if I get around to it. It's when the fan starts seems to be making a loader noise than normal. Not really the fan that's making the noise but a droaning sort of sound when fan kicks in .
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    Often on the Hondas I've found that what sounds like a wheel bearing is actually worn out wheels or chamber on the rears that has gone out.
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    Thanks SpeedyGee I will look into that. Apart from that my fan problem seems to have disappeared. Checked relays fuses etc and they're ok and practically everything else around fan. Drove a short journey today and hey presto it's working. I will check the wiring to see if there could be a loose connection somewhere. Hate it when a fault just disappears. Thanks for your advice about wheel bearing.