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    I've been reading up on what aux in to get and i'm a bit stuck on the benefits of the xcarlink. It all looks great for iphone but it looks like it's going to be a couple of wires for android (aux and power) with control only via the phone. The sd/usb option looks ok but i don't think i'd ever keep my music up to date on it.

    so, the gromaudio seems have a 1 wire solution including android control from the wheel. Basically i'm swaying towards the grom but as the xcarlink seems to popular on here i'm worried i'm missing something.

    Any advice would be great.
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    Ahh, thanks for that link, I did actually have a read of that but was distracted by the whole get the phone on the display chat.

    So in reality for android i'll be in the same position with xcarlink or grom but with the Grom there is the very small advantage of a single cable but it is more expensive. Bit annoying that as I imagine for Iphone/ipod the integration is much slicker.

    things were so much easier when I just had a big box of tapes in the passenger footwell...
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    Do you have a usb port on your head unit ? When I had a HTC I could plug it straight in to the stereo and have all the music from my phone in the car and have full control of track selection through the stereo :Smile: but now I've changed to a Samsung and it doesn't seem to be compatible :-(